Products and equipment
The Walter Piscine programme: a variety of workouts in the swimming pool
Backed by 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of swimming pool and spa covers and equipment, Walter Piscine is diversifying its business by launching a new range of accessories for a diverse range of aquafitness workouts.
Production and innovation in 3.0 mode!
In 2015, for its 20th anniversary, T&A decided to invest in the upgrading of its industrial processes by acquiring a new generation, automated and high-performance production line capable of manufacturing a cover slat in less than 12 seconds!
New pool building block
SOLIDPOOL complete its range of pool building blocks with the brand new Solidpool XL block. This new block now allows the creation of pools up to 20 centimeters thick. It widens the range of construction and will be
WaterLink® Spin Touch™ Lab: innovative, quick and reliable
Proven analytical chemistry has combined with Centrifugal Fluidics Photometry to create the breakthrough WaterLink® Spin Touch™ Lab. Designed for pool and spa water testing, the device uses just one water sample, and a unique reagent disk. The 6-wavelenth photometer measures a full suite of 10...
Affordable, Powerful, Easy to use Pool vacuum
The Pool Blaster Max Li from WATER TECH is combining a lightweight, portable design with uncompromised suction and cleaning power, to vacuum in any water application, whether in a pool or a spa.
Sleek design, lightweight and 100% secure
APF launches its latest innovation in covers: the Hybride bar cover. Combining sleek design and lightness, this safety cover combines a PVC fabric with a 650g /m² coating around the borders and a 340g/m² grid in the centre.
BADU Alpha: small pools, big impression
The first letter in the Greek alphabet, Alpha represents “beginnings”. In this spirit, the latest addition to the SPECK Pump family also represents a new start – the dawn of a new era of optimal efficiency in small pools.
W-Power Turbine for a great experience in swim spa!
The most important feature of all WELLIS swim spas is their dimensions. All of them are 150 cm deep and 230 cm wide. This huge inner space allows the swimmer to have a perfect training experience of swimming.
TELSA 50: powerful cordless rechargeable pool cleaner by Kokido
The Kokido TELSA 50 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner intended for cleaning underwater debris for medium to large-sized pools and spas. It uses a lithiul Ion Battery for 40 min run time with consistent power. It quickly vacuums sand, gravel, leaves and other underwater debris.
New stone cladding for a sophisticated modeling
FABISTONE, a company specialized in the manufacture of pavements and copings for swimming pools, has launched a stone cladding named Muralis, which allows creating a stone cladding that is simultaneously a functional, decorative and sophisticated piece
POOL TECHNOLOGIE : A comprehensive offer for the Spanish market
The French company is taking advantage of the Barcelona exhibition to showcase its range of salt chlorinators, pH control and other dosing and regulating systems meant for private and public swimming pools.
Inverter Pool Heat Pumps with international certifications
PHNIX is a leading manufacturer of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Heat Pump Dehumidifiers, Heat Pump Water Heaters and House Heating Heat Pumps in China.
New Control Station to automate the pool functions
With the “Control Station”, HAYWARD offers a new simple and easy-to-use automation system to suit any backyard environment. Adding automation takes the work out of pool ownership by automating all work-intensive functions, such as sanitization, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration.
A new, lightweight filter media with high density
ASTRALPOOL offers an advanced filtration solution for the swimming pool with a new filter media that improves water quality while saving time, water and energy. OC-1 is composed of extruded plastic made of high-density polyethylene to which calcium carbonate is added to obtain a density greater...
 Immerse yourself in Japanese culture…
Aquavia Spa presents its latest Spa Exclusive design: the new Origami Spa. Inspired by Japanese art and culture, it seeks to create a sense of intimacy, calm, and tranquility. The unit’s lines are designed to encourage expressiveness, emotional release, and relaxation.