Products and equipment
W-Power Turbine for a great experience in swim spa!
The most important feature of all WELLIS swim spas is their dimensions. All of them are 150 cm deep and 230 cm wide. This huge inner space allows the swimmer to have a perfect training experience of swimming.
Efficiently simplifying filter cartridge cleaning
Pleatco, LLC, a leader in pool and spa filtration products has introduced Pleatco FilterWash™, a new fast acting fizz cleaning tablet specially formulated to penetrate deeply into any reusable filter cartridge and remove the accumulated materials such as suntan lotion, oils, grease, dirt, soap...
Aquaguard, high-end automatic safety cover
The Aquaguard cover is a truly automatic multifunction system for the greatest satisfaction of its users. T&A has been marketing this system with its many advantages for more than 15 years. It provides optimum security for the pool by covering it completely.
All the know-how of LAMOTTE Europe
LaMotte’s range of water testing equipment is once again on display at Spatex, with demonstration of the innovative WaterLink SpinTouch; the 6- beam photometer that tests free chlorine, total chlorine and pH in 30 seconds, and a full suite of water parameters in 60 seconds.
Linov presents its 2018 Product Catalog of swimming pool liners and covers
The 2018 edition of the LINOV Product Catalog, available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, presents this year latest additions to the collection of liners (liner, reinforced liner glass mosaic tile).  Furthermore, it is possible to access, throughout more than 130 pages, all the...
Swimming pools pavements and copings: Fabistone 2018 Catalog
Fabistone presents its range of products for 2018 in its new catalog. Based on the experience gained over many years in the development and manufacture of pavements and copings, the Comppany offers in 2018 a set of products that can respond to all professionals’ main needs.  
Novelties not to be missed at SPATEX!
Here are some of the new products that visitors will discover at SPATEX. Those information are provided by the organizers of SPATEX.
New range of SCP Weekend spas
SCP launches a new range of spas, the Weekend spas, in a private label. Three models, Weekend 645/L, 536/L and 330/2L propose different sizes. The first one comes with comfortable square dimensions of 2150 x 2150 mm and 910 mm depth, with 5 seated places and 1 lounger, whereas the two other spas...
New SaniStream, Direct Line Filtration System for spas
The Health & Safety Executive’s recent publication «The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems», more commonly known as «HSG282», sets out specific and detailed guidelines for hot tubs installed in holiday let situations and places risk responsibility on...
New A power rating heat pump by AstralPool
AstralPool proposes for the 2018 season a new efficient and silent solution to heat or cool the water in outdoor residential pool all year around. Its air-water Pro Elyo Inverboost NN heat pump is labelled with the A power rating (the top rating), as it is able to heat pool water with a...
Swimming pool construction solutions in RPI 2018 catalog
RP Industries (RPI) presents its new 2018 Product Catalog. This catalog reflects the experience and know-how from one of the world's leading manufacturers of swimming pool construction solutions. This year's Product Catalog has, in addition to the presentation of several public and private pools...
New 2018 Pool Catalogue from LaMotte Europe
LaMotte Europe have a brand-new Pool and Spa catalogue out for 2018. Featuring the most up to date information on their whole range, from InstaTest strips to the innovative WaterLink Spin Touch, via ColorQs and tracers, all of LaMotte's high-quality testing equipment is included.
A clearly displayed measurement of free chlorine
AVADY POOL is a French manufacturer of water treatment equipment for swimming pools and spas, with 25 years of experience in the field. Its new product, the PROpilot pH TURBOXY®, received the Innovation Trophy (for Maintenance-Treatment of Water) in Lyon in 2016.
CCEI's new video presentation
CCEI, the manufacturer of electrical equipment for pools, presents its activities through a video, explaining its philosophy and its objectives: "to make the pool easier to use, easier to maintain and safer". We discover the company through its organisation: Research & Development, Design,...
The benefits of porcelain tiles
Rosa Gres is a family business with over 180 years of history. With its passion for ceramics, innovation and specialisation, it is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of porcelain stoneware tiles in the market today.