Aware of increasingly strict territorial regulations, Pool Technologie launched its hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt® range in 2021. Eager to provide an even more eco-friendly solution, the manufacturer has developed its range and redesigned the reactor to make it more efficient and easy to use.

The hybrid UV/Ultra Low Salt® range evolves to be more efficient and easy to use

The positions of the UV lamp and the ULS® electrode have been reversed to limit the destruction of chlorine by UV rays. This arrangement facilitates the maintenance of each element of the reactor: the electrode can be removed for visual inspection without draining the reactor. The UV lamp now benefits from a light well to visualise its condition. Replacement is also simplified thanks to the reactor's drainage valve installed in the base. Self-standing, the UV reactor can also be anchored to the ground thanks to the perforations at its base. 

The software aspect has been reviewed to facilitate the configuration of the device. UV and electrolysis time slots replace the UV/electrolysis ratio. The safety aspect has also been improved with a flow sensor built into the reactor outlet as standard. The smart flow alarm automatically shuts down the device after a few minutes if there is a lack of water in the reactor, thus preserving the UV lamp.
Poolsquad® UV can also benefit from ORP control (Plug & Play kit) or amperometric regulation. The new reactor is available in 2 models, just like the Justsalt® UV.