Products and equipment

AquaMove, the high-end movable pool floor by T&A group
T&A, the manufacturer of automatic pool covers, has recently acquired the Morgana Floor company, based in Vorselaar, Belgium. Managed by Johan Moortgat, this company has over 10 years of experience in movable pool floors, perfectly fitting into the T&A group. Now renamed AquaMove, the mobile floor...
Simplified and more easily accessible salt chlorination treatment thanks to PoolCop’s smart technology
PoolCop simplifies the water treatment of salt chlorination pools with new solutions that are both affordable and easy to install. PoolCop manufactures electrolysers that meet the different needs of professionals and pool owners. Thanks to these innovative pool management solutions, PoolCop has...
MX18 from Filtrinov, all-inclusive monobloc filtration ideal for renovation
Ideal for renovation to replace old, obsolete monobloc filtration systems, the MX18 outboard filter block is easy and quick to install on any type of structure, on swimming pools up to 8 x 4 m. 
New CF PRO cleaners’ range
CF, the new brand of CF Group’s ‘Experts in pool equipment’, has launched a new range of agile high-performance cleaning robots: the CF PRO range. 
First range of 90/100th 3D liners for APF Pool Design
APF Pool Design has just launched the 3D Effect liner, thus enriching its 6 different liner ranges. Its advantages: aesthetics, with the brilliant reflections of its textured print, and durability, with a thickness of 90/100th. This latter characteristic gives the liner enhanced temperature...
Aqua Technics one-piece composite pools on the European market
Aqua Technics Pools, based in Ashford, Kent, UK, announced the launch of Aqua Technics one-piece composite swimming pools to the European swimming pool trade at Spatex 2024. Manufactured by Aquatic Leisure Technologies of Western Australia, their pools are renowned for their quality, high-tech...
Automatic covers “Made in Germany” by Waterbeck
Waterbeck’s automatic pool covers keep the pool water warm, even when it’s cold outside. This is explained by the specific design of the cover slats: they have hollow chambers giving them optimal buoyancy and insulation properties. 
Luxurious design and sustainability for the new range of Wellis spas
The Brand New Wellis Hot Tub Range perfectly combines energy efficiency with on trend aesthetics. New design, new solutions, new insulation system. All of these spas offer a premium and luxury experience and benefit from the same attention in sustainability and environmentally friendly...
The new Premium Natural Pool Series by Pool Technologie
True to its corporate reputation for innovation, Pool Technologie has redefined the user experience in the field of private pool treatment systems with its new Premium Natural Pool Series. On the market since 2023, this evolution features significant improvements to the control panel interface.  ...
Renewable energy to heat your swimming pool with RIPPultimate®.
RIPPultimate® from SOLAR-RIPP is a new configurable solar absorber for heating water in swimming pools, which is entirely scalable and customisable. The company serves private customers as well as hotels, camping sites and large public establishments. 
X20 heat pump of Fairland, the potential of COP20 in energy efficiency
Inverter technology is heralding a new era of sustainability in the pool industry, promising significant reductions in carbon footprints and energy consumption. With the global focus shifting towards green technologies, the potential of inverter pool heat pumps to revolutionize energy efficiency...
Discover Pentair's new 2024 catalogue in digital format
The brand-new Pentair swimming pool solutions catalogue for 2024 is now available in French, German and English, in digital format.
BINDER brings the sea to the pool
With a BINDER counter-current swimming system, every pool can be transformed to offer enhanced pool experiences for the entire family by simply pressing a button. Not only does the wide and powerful current offer ideal conditions for swim training, wellness exercises or water aerobics, but it also...
ContraSpa of SpaFlow, the UK's first contrast therapy spa
Contraspa, designed by Richard Gowland and the Special Projects Division team at SpaFlo, the luxury spa, pool, and hot tub specialist, is the UK's first hot and cold spa, helping to aid contrast therapy, the movement between hot and cold water.
SCP UK unveiled its new pool products at Spatex 2024
SCP UK met the pool professionals on their booth at the SPATEX Show. They presented their new pool products for 2024 season: pool cleaners, heat pumps, Inverter pumps and a Frequency Inverter for pool pumps, as well as a new 3D reinforced membrane color.