Products and equipment

The new, silent and efficient Inverter Pool Pump from Aquagem
Dedicated to Inverter pool pumps R&D since 2017, Aquagem introduces its new Inverter PFlow. The pump is quiet (36,6 dB(A) at 1 m at 40% running capacity) and energy-efficient, thanks to the InverSilence technology. It offers silence and performances for the filtration of the swimming-pool. 
The new double-sided painted reinforced membrane by BWT
The new BWT reinforced swimming pool membrane is extremely hard-wearing. Surface V2F, which stands for the French “Surface Vernie 2 Faces” or “Double-Sided Painted Surface”, is long-lasting and offers excellent shock resistance. Two 75/100 PVC membranes are assembled onto the ultra-slim...
The Pro-Line range by Kripsol for swimming pool professionals
The Pro-Line range by Kripsol is made up of Premium products, designed for professionals: the KS Evo VS variable speed pump, the AK Evo filter, the KLX Control System, the Atlantis Evo robot and the  i-Komfort RC Full Inverter heat pump.
FITT B-Active: pressure testing for pool hoses, fittings and glues
The pool hoses and pipes of the FITT B-Active family and the pool fittings on the market, joined in all combinations using the most common glues, have been subjected to stringent pressure tests.
The new premium offer for pool water treatment
POOL TECHNOLOGIE, specialist in automatic treatment systems for private and commercial swimming pools, has launched a range of premium products and services exclusively dedicated to professionals. Natural pool Series is a new range of next-gen salt chlorinator/pH regulator combo devices for pool...
PHNIX Launches R32 SpecialLine Penguin Mini Pool Heater
Recently, PHNIX releases a brand-new mini pool heater named SpecialLine Penguin, which is specially designed for the above ground pool from 5 to 15 m3. Not only does it have the appearance of a penguin, but it is also actually as tall as an adult African penguin.
UV- and hail-resistant pool cover slats of T&A
The manufacturer of automatic pool covers T & A proposes its Premium Clean Profile blade, heating power, anti algae, resistant to hailstones and certified according to the standard NF P 90-308, including for infinity pools or overflow.
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, the range of reinforced pool membranes inspired in nature, the most resistant and long-lasting on the market thanks to their 2 mm thickness, officially presents the design that will set trends this summer: Origin.
Mobile decking and automatic pool covers of Walter
WALU DECK is both a cover and a protective and secure enclosure for your pool, which complies with the standard NF P90-308. It also provides you with a space for you to relax when the pool is covered. Thanks to the polyurethane panels placed beneath its wooden slats, this mobile decking prevents...
A technical room connected thanks to
Monitoring and managing your pool from your smartphone or tablet has never been easier thanks to, with its box that allows you to connect to your pool’s technical room. It adapts to all technical rooms and devices, no matter what their brands are. The EZ1 box connects to your Wi-Fi...
Effective sealer to repair leaks
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide. It is very effective in sealing leaks in hairline...
A swimming paradise in your own garden
Every home owner dreams of owning their own pool. However, many pools are too small for intensive swimming training. With the unique HydroStar und EasyStar turbine driven counter-flow systems from BINDER, you can now do endurance swimming in these small pools too, without having to keep turning...
First Aquagem's Inverter Pool Filter Pump
With InverSilence Technology, XFlow is the first Aquagem's Inverter pool pump. Launched into the market by end of 2019, this pool filter pump is equipped with a soft start and ramps up to 100% capacity smoothly. It also ensures a super quiet running and high performances to filter the pool. 
Hayward Tristar® Variable Speed Pump
By adapting the filtration speed to the actual needs of the pool, the variable speed pump can save up to 85%* in electricity! This is the case with the TriStar® VSTD pump, which is fitted with a permanent magnet motor. Water is constantly filtered 24/7, but at a slower speed. This has another...
Complete remote pool control with Hayward
The AquaRite®+ next-gen box offers smart management of swimming pool equipment and water treatment through a salt chlorinator. It combines a remote equipment control box and a salt chlorinator fitted with a T-Cell.