Products and equipment

Rock Pool Living, swimming pool in self-supporting modular panels of Carobbio
The Italian company Carobbio has developed and patented few years ago an innovative system of self-supporting modular panels (Patent NR 0001414134) intended for the construction of swimming pools of any shape and size, suitable for any kind of covering (liner, mosaic, ceramic, etc.).  
Two innovations in Dolphin cleaning by Maytronics
Among the world leaders in the swimming pool industry, with innovative solutions in the fields of pool safety, robot cleaners and water treatment products, Maytronics is launching in Lyon this year, alongside its flagship products, several novelties including two in Dolphin cleaning.
Logyconcept3D Pool a tool designed for pool installers and their customers
Easy to use, logyconcept3D enables the pool builder to present their customers with a quality 3D visualisation thanks to augmented reality.   
Artifical intelligence at the service of the pool
The SPACE® (Swimming Pool A.I. Cloud Expert) system by Dryden Aqua places artificial intelligence at the service of pools. These become more intelligent and more eco-friendly thanks to this complete control unit that is connected to the cloud and uses advanced machine learning algorithms.
The Glass Media Micro® of Everblue for even better filtering
Designed with medical industry technologies, this filtration media consists of glass micro-beads with a polished surface. The geometric shape of these micro-beads and the homogeneity of the filter bed ensures the incredible qualities of this medium. 
RaeGuard™, the new heat Retention Cover from GeoBubble™
As a specialist in the manufacture of covers for swimming pools, Plastipack has therefore designed the RaeGuard™ cover with innovative and patented GeoBubble™ air cell technology.
The Swimeo range of counter-current swim turbines is growing
Sirem has unveiled new models to meet the needs of the sports pool market. Launched in 2021 by the French company Sirem, the Swimeo range of counter-current swim turbines is growing. It now consists of the S model, an outboard model for retrofitting, and the brand-new X model, an embedded model...
The new Zodiac® SPABOT™ wireless spa robot
With total freedom of movement, this exclusive WIRELESS electric spa robot runs on a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged in 4 hours and which offers 1 hour of autonomy (i.e. 1 cycle). 
New pools and enclosures Aquacomet
Aquacomet, the European manufacturer of pools and pool enclosures since 1993, presented its new products and developments in the terms of logistics and distribution at the Piscine Global Europe exhibition. 
Top quality new Emaux pool products
Aware that today’s market demands intelligent, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products, Emaux wishes to best meet these expectations in the swimming pool sector. This is why the company has invested heavily in the development of a series of top-quality equipment. 
An SCP Exclusive: Garden Leisure hot tubs
This new range is made in the USA, and boasts an Alpine White acrylic shell and maintenance-free Charcoal housing. Each model is equipped with an ozone generator for water treatment (Aquasun 230V), a waterfall, inner and outer LED lighting and back-lit headrests.  
Winner of the 2022 Pool Innovation Awards: Fluidra's CHLOR'IN
A unique and patented device, CHLOR’IN is an ecological and economic solution providing users with superior pool comfort. Made in France, CHLOR’IN is a new system for producing natural chlorine via electrolysis, without the need to add salt to the water, and is suitable for use in all pool...
DUO pH Rxof Avady Pool : regulation and design
AVADY POOL, a French manufacturer of water treatment equipment for pools and spas, presents the 2022 version of DUO. Suitable for use in both small private pools and public baths, it is capable of regulating pH and chlorine levels simultaneously thanks to its two peristaltic pumps.
Fairland's 20x Saving iGarden Arrives: For Global Actions of Smart Green Future
To satisfy the desire for the 4-season home resort, Fairland strived for a new breakthrough this year, which is20x Saving iGarden. The INVERX20 TurboSilence Full-inverter pool heat pump achieves COP up to 20 employing the TurboSilence Full-inverter technology. The newest generation X-WARRIOR,...
Watercom Vitalia Inline of CF Group: a compact base plate that includes a salt electrolyser
Presented in 2021, the full CF Group solution for pool water filtration, analysis and treatment has evolved for the 2023 season towards a new Inline version. The multi-equipment Watercom Vitalia salt electrolysis unit meets a growing new trend on the private pool market.