Products and equipment

The differentiating  offer of Poolstar on the pool market
Poolstar has made a name for itself on the swimming pool market for 15 years with 3 different product lines: Poolex swimming pool heat pumps, Waterflex water sports and leisure equipment, as well as a range of equipment designed for relaxation (Holl’s, Netspa).
The pool covers with cutting-edge technology of Covrex®
Covrex® is renowned in the swimming pool market not only for the quality of its automatic covers, but also for its 40 years of expertise in the field. Thus, its entire catalogue has been developed according to very strict safety standards, going beyond the usual legal requirements.
 New Leise Series heat pump features available
Cubic presents its new Leise Series heat pump features which are designed to minimize noise and provide ultra-quiet operation. These features are powered by CUBIC SILENCE TECH and Inver-CORE TECH.
VOYAGER IQ, the new electric pool cleaner by ZODIAC
ZODIAC is expanding its fleet of powerful electric pool cleaners with VOYAGER. The new product series, which consists of three models - RE4200, RE4400 iQ and RE4600 iQ - moves agilely and safely in all pools up to 12 x 6 m.
Clever & complete: the Poolfino turnkey solution by CF Group
An instant pool? Surely it’s a dream. With the Poolfino brand, CF Group offers complete skimmer or overflow pool systems made of polypropylene. The overflow pool is particularly comfortable, while the skimmer pool is the practical alternative.
Swimeo Model S counter-current swimming system  for all pools
On the strength of its success, SIREM is today launching the Swimeo Model S. This entirely covered turbine integrates into new or existing pools, making it suitable for most pool owners (for construction, renovation, in-ground pools, above-ground pools, etc.).  
‘Ecological ’ pool controlled via smartphone with Vágner Pool
VÁGNER POOL offers solutions that are specially designed for customers who demand efficiency, savings and respect for the environment. The environmental aspect of the pool must be taken into account from the project design phase.
A heat pump with improved performance: the Pentair Invertemp®-DB heat pump
Full Inverter technology enables the Pentair Invertemp®-DB heat pump to provide improved performance to warm or cool the pool. Regardless of the desired temperature, the heat pump automatically adapts to exterior conditions while optimising energy consumption.
Save energy with DEL
The DEL brand by CF Group combines environmental protection and aesthetics. Thanks to the roller cover, pool heat loss can be minimised and up to 80% energy saved. Polycarbonate solar slats are used, which also create a heating effect.
A comprehensive solution for delivering spas
The company SDS offers ingenious equipment for the transport and delivery of spas. The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively. In fact, this system requires only one...
The 150/100th Xtreme reinforced membrane: exclusively distributed by APF to pool installers
The 150/100th Xtreme reinforced membrane is exclusively distributed to pool installers by APF. The French company benefits from a 10-year exclusive distribution contract for this reinforced PVC by Renolit Alkorplan.
Mazda pool heat pumps arrive in Europe
Since 1909, Mazda has commercialised powerful and innovative equipment, including batteries, radiators and a wide range of equipment devoted to the control of energy consumption.
Innovative combination of ultraviolet technology, low salinity electrolysis and water hydrolysis by Hayward
In Hayward’s Expert Line range, the AquaRite® UV LS is one of the great novelties in terms of pool water disinfection systems. Combining 3 proven water disinfection systems, it provides a complete solution to benefit from disinfected and disinfecting water with complete peace of mind. 
The K-Flo VSTD variable-speed pump of Hayward
In its Expert Line range of variable-speed pumps, Hayward offers the silent 1.5 hp K-Flo VSTD model, recommended for mid-size pools (up to 80 m3). Three programmable speeds (easy rpm adjustment in manual mode), suitable for different needs: low speed for everyday use, high speed to treat green...
Pool Technologie : The professional range for collective pools expands
Specialists in the saltwater treatment of collective and private pools, Pool Technologie has entirely renewed its professional range in 2021. Along with Pure Chlore® and PRO SALT®, 5 devices have enriched the range and cover all technologies.