Products and equipment

Fairland TurboSilence tech applied on Pool Heat Pump
Fairland has been manufacturing pool heat pumps for 20 years. Today, the chineese company has launched a new concept based on user experience: can we reduce turbo noise while heating the pool efficiently? And the new TurboSilence Technology was developped... 
Choosing the right heat pump in 2020 with Polytropic
It was already a few years ago now when this pool heating manufacturer and specialist developed a piece of thermodynamic calculation software for swimming pool professionals. Available online, Aquavariation is an easy tool to use, allowing swimming pool specialists to bring their expertise in...
A cleverly designed underwater automatic cover: TOP COVER by AB Pool
These are replacing traditional PVC or wooden duckboards. TOP COVER by AB Pool is a cleverly designed underwater automatic cover. It responds to the technical and aesthetic issues found with duckboards installed onto underwater shutters that are either beneath a deck or at the bottom of the pool.
FITT B-ACTIVE RIGID: The new solution for inground pools
FITT B-Active Rigid is a new PVC-A tube which ensures the pool from the construction phase to its entire lifespan. Robust, durable and reliable FITT B-Active Rigid is the PVC-A pipe, which meets the test methods mentioned in EN ISO 1452, with a 3-layer structure, resistant to corrosion and...
Individual approach and professional service for partners of USSPA spas
USSPA, one of the most recognized spa manufacturers in Europe, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. The company has a comprehensive range of spas and swim spas for private and commercial use which is exported to more than 20 countries worldwide. This traditional producer approaches...
State-of-the-art pool lighting and heating
House of Duratech (the Product Brand of the company Propulsion Systems) is the innovative R&D and assembly centre for DURAHeatTM heat pumps and DURAVisionTM underwater LED lighting for swimming pools, with Spectra and Adagio underwater lamps. Via the LinkTouch system you can operate the lighting...
Test the pool water quickly with Pooltester Lovibond
The Lovibond® Pooltester ensures the quality of the pool water in no time. This versatile tester also tests bromine, active oxygen, copper, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, phosphate, hydrogen peroxide and PHMB content in water.
The powerful counter current swimming machine of Eva Optic: EVAstream
The EVAstream is one of the most powerful, compact and affordable counter current swimming machine in the market. developed by Eva Optic, this counter current machine can easily turn any swimming pool into a home fitness environment.
The range of Green Chemistry reagents for an eco-responsible swimming pool water analysis
Lovibond's “Green Chemistry” line of sustainable products is made without boric acid or ortho-Tolidine. It respects the environment and the health of users. These reagents are used with Lovibond pool water quality measurement devices for reliable analysis results.
The electronic device Scuba II from Lovibond handles the pool water analysis with ease and reliably
The Scuba II by Lovibond® controls the pool water quality quickly. He analyzes the pool water with a similar technology as the water test devices for public swimming pools. It measures the most important parameters of the pool water: pH, total chlorine, free chlorine, alkalinity, redox,...
The hot tub Test Kit of Lovibond
Lovibond has developed a Hot Tub test Kit and free online Staff Training to make testing quick, easy and to ensure the compliance of the water. It has been created specifically to meet the water testing requirements of HSG282.
The all-new model Zenit 60 pool cleaner, distributed exclusively by SCP Europe
Zenit 60 is the all-new model from Maytronics Dolphin range of pool cleaner distributed exclusively by SCP Europe.  Maytronics’ High-tech specifications are gathered in this robot including dynamical dual-drive motor combined with PowerStream mobility system, with multi directional water...
The new generation heat pump : Zodiac® Z500iQ
The heat pump for pools, Zodiac® Z500iQ (Inverter technology) places emphasis on energy saving and silent operation.  Energy savings, thanks to its Heatselect technology enabling the machine to adapt its operating speed to actual power requirements and the mode selected.
The compact and brilliant led light for pool and spa of Pentair
With MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights, you can give yours customers the ultimate lighting upgrade, an easy way to add dynamic lighting and design versatility to new projects, retrofits or upgrades.
 New Certikin International products to discover at Spatex
With five eye-catching stands brimming with new products including the largest stand at SPATEX 2020, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of wet leisure is taking centre stage.