Products and equipment
The new photometer PoolLab 1.0 for swimming pool water analysis
To analyze the pool water, the new PoolLab 1.0 photometer by Water-i.d/Pool-i.d is easy to use and gives accurate results of 11 pool water parameters.
The compact and brilliant led light for pool and spa of Pentair
With MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights, you can give yours customers the ultimate lighting upgrade, an easy way to add dynamic lighting and design versatility to new projects, retrofits or upgrades.
The new Rio Grande 2019 W-Flow swim spa
The new Rio Grande 2019 W-Flow swim spa is the perfect combination of a well-equipped spa and a swimming pool used as gym equipment suitable for a complete workout.
The Lovibond® XD series, solutions for swimming pool water analysis
The XD series of spectrophotometers from Lovibond® lead in a new era. The UV and UV/VIS devices are a gain for every workplace in many respects. No matter whether they are used for disinfectant control, waste water and raw water treatment, drinking water treatment, the analysis of boiler and...
The mobile deck of AZENCO : a pool enclosure and several living spaces
Pool enclosure specialists, AZENCO, have designed and launched their new mobile Pooldeck, which can be both a pool security cover and a versatile patio for all sorts of activities. Made in France, this mobile deck is equipped with a next-generation automated system.
Effective sealer to repair leaks
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide. It is very effective in sealing leaks in hairline...
A cleverly designed underwater automatic cover: TOP COVER by AB Pool
These are replacing traditional PVC or wooden duckboards. TOP COVER by AB Pool is a cleverly designed underwater automatic cover. It responds to the technical and aesthetic issues found with duckboards installed onto underwater shutters that are either beneath a deck or at the bottom of the pool.
Swimming in a spacious swim spa with a unique massage station standing
For counter-current swimming, the Ocean Dreams SWIMSPA COMPACT Swim Spa offers a comfortable 4-meter multi-activity space. To practice swimming against the current, the swim spa is equipped with 5 powerful Turbo Jets, to be controlled on a digital control panel. After a swim against the current,...
Fabistone swimming pool copings
The pool borders offered by Fabistone are made out of reconstituted natural stone, which are themselves made out of natural limestone rock and highly resistant hydraulic binders. This type of stone has a smooth surface and feels pleasant to touch. What is more, they also have great non-slip...
A single app to manage the pool, home and garden
The Italian company, FAVARETTI, designs and makes pool safety covers that meet all needs. It has also developed the MyFavaretti mobile app that lets you manage a pool cover as well as any connected equipment in the pool, garden and home automation system. Compatible with all mobile devices, this...
The solutions for public and private swimming pools by RP Industries
RP INDUSTRIES, specialized in production and the development of techniques for building swimming pools, stands out its excellent service and the quality of its products, with a portfolio of over 55,000 installations of public and private pools and luxury hotel complexes all around the world.
The wide range of Kawana compatible chlorinator cells has many advantages
To change the cell of a pool chlorinator, Kawana, specialist in chlorinator cells, offers a wide range of compatible cells (over 100 cell products) with all the advantages of the original cells.  These cells incorporate even changes or improvements that increase their life or facilitate their...
Clean the pool filter in depth with the Clean Filter Tab effervescent tablet
To clean the pool filter in depth, the Clean Filter Tab effervescent tablet provides a concentrated formulation, defeating limestone. It is very easy to clean a cartridge filter, sand, glass, zeolite with 3 or 4 tablets during the season. Its use also avoids limescale deposits on pool equipment.
Economical and sustainable filter media
AFM® stands for Activated Filter Media, a filter media made from green and brown container glass, developed by marine biologist Dr. Howard Dryden. During the production process the raw AFM® goes through a three-step mechanical and chemical Activation Process.
New Backstroke Start Ledge for swimming pool by ANTI WAVE
The new Anti Wave backstroke start Ledge is easy to use as a strating device for swimmers in swimming pool. It includes 5 point manual height adjustment and is suitable for connection to all standard starting blocks including anti Wave starting Blocks. Its meets FINA FR 2.10 Regulations and is...