Products and equipment

For accurate water analysis: ITS Europe's latest generation pool photometers
To optimize water testing, ITS Europe offers a variety of pool photometers and pool water test kits, certified NSF 50 Level 1. Smart pool photometers to analyze many pool water parameters or complete kits for professionals make it easy and accurate all pool water tests.
Innovation and safety for automatic swimming pool covers with Aqua Cover
The Belgian manufacturer of automatic pool covers Aqua Cover presents its novelties for the safety and aesthetics of pool covers. The manufacturer of automatic swimming pool covers showcases its new products at the aquanale trade show.
FITT B-ACTIVE the best ally for the construction of swimming pool
Lightness, flexibility and resistance to pressure are the strengths that make FITT B-Active the best ally in the site. In the rolling hills north of Vicenza, under the careful supervision of Acqua Tecnica designer Lucio Cattaneo, works were completed for the construction of a 3.5 x 10 m swimming...
High-performance, energy-efficient, and easy to retrofit: Hydrostar by Binder
The turbine swimming system HydroStar by BINDER is a high-performance, energy-efficient solution suitable for the construction of new pools as well as for existing systems. It operates quietly and requires very little maintenance.
An affordable and environmentally-friendly spa filter cleaner
Estelle Spa Filter Cleaning System is a patented spa filter cleaner made in the Netherlands. Ecological and economical, it uses only the pressure of water to clean the spa filters. No electrical connection is necessary. Cleaning the spa filter only takes a few minutes.
The new connected swimming pool cover: Open Aero
The technical advantages of the OPEN Classic above-water slatted pool cover by ABRIBLUE are being joined by a new design, adjustable, ambient lighting, and, above all, a remote connection.
A technical room connected thanks to
Monitoring and managing your pool from your smartphone or tablet has never been easier thanks to, with its box that allows you to connect to your pool’s technical room. It adapts to all technical rooms and devices, no matter what their brands are. The EZ1 box connects to your Wi-Fi...
Turbidity measurement in public pools and spas
The compact Lovibond® infrared turbidity meter TB211 IR with USB interface is designed to allow fast, precise on-site testing. The unit measures the scattered light at an angle of 90°, as stipulated in EN ISO 7027. 
Unicum, specialist in motorisations for swimming pool covers
Since the ’90s, Unicum has specialised in motorisations for pool covers.  It has made significant investments in production and quality assurance in order to offer the very best technology in terms of safety, reliability, easy installation, use and maintenance.  Several innovations have seen...
Hot tubs and swim spas “made in Germany” Whirlcare
Whirlcare Industries ‘hot tubs and swim spas stand for exclusive wellness experiences and combine the healing power of water with maximum relaxation to improve the physical well-being.
Even more efficient filter cartridges of Pleatco
After the success of pool and spa filter cartridges made with the reinforced filter fabric Pleatco Advanced Point Bonded™, Pleatco’s engineers, always pushing the boundaries of filtration technology, have developed new cartridges even more efficient: the Pleatco Advanced Ultra™.
Changing light under water is easier thanks to S.R.Smith
With the new Mod-Lite™ simply twist to remove or insert the light, in five seconds or less, under water! No more water to drain out of the pool, no more power to shut down… less expensive service costs.
Healthier, easier treatment for communal pools of Pool Technologie
Installed in the machine room, PURE CHLORE® produces chlorine from softened water and salt according to the principle of salt chlorination. Highly effective and easy to install and use, this solution has been developed for public and communal swimming pools.
The new website of Plastipack for new products
Plastipack announces the launch of a new website for the GeoBubble™ brand. With brand-new features and a brand-new look, this website will help to educate and inform customers on all of the benefits of GeoBubble™ pool cover materials.
Coatings and covers made with quality and speed
Since 2005, LINOV is considered from the professional pool market perspective, one of the main suppliers of coatings, covers, and equipment for swimming pools. Its products have the ability to adapt to any requirement, regardless of the structure, size, or complexity of the demand.