Products and equipment
The pool stays clean, even in winter!
The new patented WinterClean P-F system by PROCOPI is a clever accessory for owners of a covered pool. This practical device helps to prevent leaves and dirt from falling through the gaps between the tips of the slats and the wall of the pool during the wintering season.
The Essentials’ cover lifters for spa
The fitting of spa cover lifters is sometimes problematic for professionals and spa’s owners. That’s why GOLDEN COAST added the UltraLift range to their Essentials collection of pool and spa accessories.
Energy efficiency in filtration
PAHLÉN introduces a new series of high-quality circulation pool pumps with a performance/energy ratio announced up to 30% higher compared to standard circulation pumps.
Element filters: water savings
HAYWARD’s SwimClear™ element filters provide filtration fineness in the range of 20 to 25 microns, with optimised retaining capacity.  Requiring little maintenance (once per season for a 4-element filter), they help to save water and are more environmentally friendly.
PURE CHLORE, chlorination for the 21st century
The treatment of water of swimming pools receiving the public has to meet strict regulatory constraints, forcing the pools of hotels or campsites to very often resort to using chlorine packaged in liquid, solid or gaseous form. Very strong, this disinfectant has the advantage of eliminating all...
A very discreet heat pump
Exclusive to POLYTROPIC, the PAC INDOOR heat pump has an extremely low noise level for maximum discretion. The heat pump no longer clutters up the garden since it is installed in the machine room that acts as a sound insulator!  It is therefore protected from freezing and no longer subject to the...
New Hydroflex textured reinforced membranes
The Hydroflex 150/100 reinforced coatings, marketed by APF, were launched 6 years ago and have since been successful for both construction and renovation of private pools. This range has so far been available in 2 finishes, plain colour (standard grade) and varnish plain colour (higher grade). The...
New range of WEEKEND spas
SCP’s Wellness line-up was further expanded this year with the launch of the WEEKEND spas. This new range offers 3 different spa sizes. From 3 to 6 seats, including lounging seats, 30 to 45 massage jets depending on the model, powered by 1 or 2 pumps, one of which has two speeds, LED lighting...
Very simple pool water test and quick results
The WaterLink SpinTouch is the innovative 6 wavelength photometer from LaMotte that has revolutionised the testing of pool and spa water. After just 30 seconds for a 3-parameter test (FCL, TCL and pH) and 60 seconds for a full suite of 10 parameters, the results are displayed on screen in ppm.
‘À la carte’ products at Ocea International
This season, OCEA is expanding its Eclipse range of anti-algae and anti-UV slats, with more colours and a choice of ‘à la carte’ colours, according to customers’ requirements. It is no longer necessary to compromise, because now customers can choose their preferred colours.
Synchronise the garden and pool lights
In many cases, lighting for the pool is carried out separately from the designing of the general lighting of the garden and the terrace. This results in a double operation to manage lighting daily.  To make it simpler, CCEI has developed a complete range of pool projectors connected to the...
 All the Procopi heat pump ranges switch to full Inverter®
A global pioneer in introducing Inverter® technology to the pool heat pump market, PROCOPI has reached a new milestone in the field of swimming pool heating.  All its professional and Proswell ranges are now switching entirely to Inverter technology.
Stone effect with the Stoneflex reinforced lining
The SCP’s exclusive STONEFLEX lining offers a «natural stone» look in 2 new 3D colours, Jasper Sand (beige) and Pearl (grey), in addition to its Gris Bazelet (slate) colour. It is coated with a special improved varnish that adapts particularly well to the 3D effect and also ensures increased...
Compact pre-equipped unit for filtration
A specialist in pool filtration without buried pipelines, Filtrinov offers a compact and economical unit with a mono-cartridge filtration system for the new season, marketed exclusively by SCP.
New spas made in Canada
The Canadian spa manufacturer Be Well Canada Spa has launched its new range of 3 to 6-seater spas, entirely produced in Lachute, Quebec. These spas benefit from Canadian know-how in designing and manufacture of spas, including significant and efficient thermo flexion insulation.  The latter...