Products and equipment
FDN cast iron swimming pool pumps
BOMBAS PSH was one of the first companies in the market to introduce technologies such as the integrated production of helical turbines and logarithmic volutes produced in polypropylene.
A cleaner that takes good care of heat pumps
GRIDSOAP® responds to the growing demand for optimum cleaning of the evaporator and the heat pump exchanger. Proper cleaning is important because an unclean evaporator or heat exchanger significantly reduces the efficiency of the heat pump.
Sanitization and pool management within the reach of all!
KRIPSOL extends its portfolio by introducing the new salt system KLX. More than a sanitization product, KLX will control main functionalities of the pool such as filtration and lighting thanks to 2 auxiliaries
SOLAR-RIPP ® Technology: HPRL design
The new model of connector with HPRL design allows benefiting from two SOLAR-RIPP ® advantages. Technical advantage: this type of connection is suitable for all types of installation and guarantees improved degassing in the solar circuit due to increased pressure in the absorber return line path....
The most insulated slatted pool cover
COVREX® is proud to announce the results of tests carried out on the slats of its pool cover, the Covrex® Classic, attesting that these slats have "the highest insulation on the market".
Always at the forefront for swimming pool robots!
Autonomous electric robots by MAYTRONICS have been conceived and designed to assure a thorough and economical cleaning of the pool in a minimum of time, in particular by functioning independently of the filtration system and being equipped with efficient work programming.
New electropolished ladders
FLEXINOX POOL continues focusing his production in the all innovations of its catalogue. One of the most important products for the next year, is the new range of ladders manufactured using an advanced electropolished process, fully innovative in the market pool, which can significantly increase...
The new chlorine tablets that repel mosquitoes from the pool
Ecros presented at the Piscina & Wellness Exhibition of Barcelona their new chlorine tablets. Thanks to a microencapsulated additive, they drive out mosquitoes from the pool.
PoolLab 1.0: the photometer affordable for everyone
Testing pool water is often a tedious task. Whether for checking pH, chlorine, alkalinity or cyanuric acid levels in water, test strips and pooltesters are often the most popular response because of cost considerations and ease of use by the consumer.
Two new garden showers with more than two advantages
Quality, design and technology combined to perfection in the new TONGA solar shower from EICHENWALD. The solar tank is positioned on the side and this, together with the contemporary, clean, straight structural lines of the design, guarantees that solar radiation can be captured from three sides...
The force of a unique Over-Molding technology!
Behind the world renowned brands of Heliocol®, SunStar®, eco-Spark®, SunValue® and Resilience®, stands MAGEN ECO-ENERGY, the largest global manufacturer of solar pool heating and pool sanitation systems.
 Limpido XC: the evolutionary electrolyser
A Nowadays, the ease of use, the efficiency and the reliability of appliances are important elements in a consumer's purchasing decision. To help professionals drive the sales of a chlorinator, this year CCEI has brought out a new version of the Limpido XC: easier to use, scalable, but also more...
Membranes Crystar® HiPur and HiFlo: a revolution in recreational water filtration!
Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and solutions which are key ingredients in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all. The development of Crystar® ceramic membranes perfectly reflects this strategy: a filtration technology that improves recreational water...
A comprehensive solution for delivering spas
The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively. In fact, this system requires only one person to load and transport the spa to its buyer.
Revodeck submerged automatic covers
Revodeck is a safety cover from Procopi’s Delta range, compliant with the French standard NF P90-308, it is available in sizes up to 6.09 x 14 m. Revodeck covers are designed to harmoniously follow the contours of the pool, and are available in a wide range of colours to blend into any...