Warmpac distributes the SAVVY control unit by EZPOOL. This smart control unit enables the management of spa heating to ensure owners an optimal heating / energy consumption ratio.

A simple control unit that is easy to install and use

SAVVY meets a need of spa owners who are seriously impacted by rising energy costs, especially for the consumption of electrical spa heaters. Electrical spa heaters have a heating power of 3kW with a COP of 0: 1kW of electricity used = 1kW of heat output. A heat pump offers a COP that is generally around 5, providing significant energy savings for regular use.

The SAVVY control unit enables smart spa heating management, either via manual command or via a smartphone application, by selecting the heating mode among the following:

  • Heat pump: the most economical mode for electricity consumption;
  • Electric spa heater: a mode that enables a rapid rise in temperature, to the detriment of energy consumption;
  • Heat pump / spa heater: a balance between energy consumption and temperature rise by using both heating modes simultaneously.

The user also has access to the Smart mode, which saves their usage habits in order to intelligently anticipate the spa temperature rise to save a maximum amount of energy while guaranteeing optimal comfort of use.

The installation and use of the control unit are very simple: simply unplug the spa heater, connect the SAVVY in its place and reconnect the heater to the SAVVY unit. The control button is then installed on the spa apron and the control unit is ready for use via the button or the application. It is compatible with practically all the spas on the market and with the WPool and Mazda heat pumps distributed by Warmpac.