A specialist in pool heat pumps, Warmpac has committed to the reduction of the environmental footprint of its heat pumps by incorporating an 'Eco-consumption' feature into its future units. This enables the heat pump to be powered by solar energy, using the surplus production of domestic photovoltaic panels for self-consumption.

A feature that ensures energy savings and reduces the carbon footprint

Eco-consumption is compatible with all installations, offering a drastic reduction in energy consumption for pool heating/cooling. This feature offers pool owners the possibility of significant savings on their electricity bills and the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Other measures support the company's commitment, including the use of recyclable materials for the manufacture of pool equipment. But that's not all. Warmpac has also optimised its production processes in order to reduce energy consumption and encourages the use of eco-responsible products for pool maintenance.

The company is no novice in terms of its commitment to eco-responsible pools, because it regularly introduces innovations for more environmentally-friendly and economical pools (the SAVVY control unit, the EVO solution by EZ Pool, the S4S control unit, etc.).