Over the past few years, inverter technology has transformed the pool industry by making 4-season swimming possible. Now, inverter technology will also revolutionize pool disinfection with Aquark's latest product, Mr. Pure - the first inverter salt chlorinator.

Baby-Grade Water Quality, Slimmest Pad Design

Mr. Pure utilizes InverTurbo® technology, which adopts an intelligent PID algorithm for precise control of chlorine production and pH regulation, transforms your pool into an oasis with baby-grade water that's natural and healthy. 

It performs superior in 4 aspects:

  • Dynamic chlorine output speed of 0-100% based on real-time water quality.
  • Automatic pH regulation.
  • 130% powerful Turbo mode.
  • Operate at a salt level low to 1g/L.

Thanks to the full-Inverter capability, the pool water will be monitored and intelligently disinfected in real time to maintain baby-grade water quality without any unpleasant effects. With 130% Turbo mode, it offers fast sanitization and refreshes the pool water quickly from tough conditions like after a party.

Mr. Pure is also dedicated to addressing the inconvenience of saltwater maintenance for pool owners. Its advanced InverTurbo technology allows it to operate at a low salt level of 1g/L, offering a hands-free pool experience for up to 180 days without the need for additional salt maintenance.

The Pad design of Mr. Pure

Its stylish design delivers seamless integration with modern homes, while the user-friendly interface makes it easier for users to operate. The Pad design of Mr. Pure is only 75mm thick, making it the slimmest of its kind. The Pad screen also includes a visualized water quality reminder (Perfect, Good, Wait), allowing users to check their pool water quality at any time.

Furthermore, the innovative OneCell design of Mr. Pure makes it simple to install and convenient to use. 

Featuring the slimmest Pad-design and cutting-edge inverter technology, Mr. Pure is now available across Europe.