Products and equipment
SCUBA II: new version with several developments
TINTOMETER has launched this year an updated generation of its successful SCUBA II, in the Lovibond® Water Testing range. The Scuba’s instruments use a similar technology to that used for pool water testing at public pools.
The PAR56 LED ECOPROOF™ lamp with its watertight connection chamber
It never stops innovating! We are speaking about the SeaMAID brand, which recorded sales of 85,000 projectors in 2016 and continues to consolidate its presence in 22 countries! On the Productos Q.P S.A Stand, in Barcelona, it will present its range of LED projectors for pools.
Energy saving and sustainable materials
ESPA, which is participating this year at the Barcelona exhibition as a Gold Partner, is presenting a comprehensive catalogue, including a wide range of filter pumps for swimming pools, with or without pre-filter, and variable speed pumps that allow automated management of the cycles (the Silen...
The robot cleaner in all its splendour
The power of the new PEPS 200 from HEXAGONE is written into the genes of this robotic cleaner meant for collective and semi-public swimming pools. With its soft-bristle brushes, rotating 3 times faster than its travel speed and its pump powered with a «Ninja» turbine, this robot is able to...
High quality shelters and covers
The French company AZENCO has the advantage of a level of expertise recognised in Europe, as a manufacturer and installer of high quality swimming pool shelters and covers that combine safety, aesthetics and ease of use.
A new generation of solar showers
POOLSTAR has launched a whole new generation of solar showers in plastic in a host of gay colours with a futuristic design that is very... reptilian. The Cobra solar shower is a third generation solar shower from the manufacturer, with optimized heating functions and also an HDPE conception that...
Nikita, the new easy to install LED projector
The manufacturer CCEI offers a wide range of projectors for various types of installations, various shapes and colours of lighting, and expands it each year by new LED projectors to fine-tune its response to market demand. This year, the new NIKITA projector has been added to its range as well. ...
Patented hand operated vacuum cleaners for pool and spa
The AquaJack™ 300 is part of NINGBO POOLSTAR’s new line of patented electric vacuum cleaners, which comprises 3 models. Designed for large aboveground or in-ground pools, this model is equipped with a large swivel head (30 cm), designed to clean corners, stairs, slatted covers, etc.
FITT B-ACTIVE : New flexible spiral hose for pool with double protection
Swimming pool installation can present one critical issue: water leakage on the hose system. A lot of time and efforts are necessary to identify the problem and the recovery of the damage can be very expensive. With the commitment to provide a solution to this issue, FITT developed a new and...
The SOLEO Miroir Pool exhibited in Barcelona
Created in Portugal in 1994, the RP INDUSTRIES is part of a group of companies specialized in the development, production, and construction of swimming pools.
EMAUX: High capacity pumps and filters
EMAUX is a manufacturer well known in the global market for its products for swimming pools, spas, aquatic centres and parks, aquariums, aquaculture parks, water bodies and water treatment projects, and is always attentive to the needs of its customers.
The new AQUACOACH pool control serie
The new AQUACOACH pool control serie by Praher Austria comes with better features, , is easy to handle and now web compatible. Even the basic versions of the standard and the pro models offer many options for the automatic control of the most common pool functions.
Cristalis is expanding its market for Flovil, the clarifier for swimming pools
Originally called Flocculant Villette, the formula of the clarifier for pools, Flovil named after its creator, has proven its worth since more than 30 years in Europe.
New stainless steel pool skimmer Classic Wide 385
The Swedish pool equipment specialist Pahlén launches a new skimmer Classic Wide 385 for private swimming pools. This new skimmer gives high water level with efficient extraction of debris and circulation. Classic Wide 385 is made of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L and is suitable for liner...
SCP SPAIN : 5 new ranges presented in Barcelona
SCP SPAIN is pleased to present its 5 new ranges at the Barcelona exhibition. Commencing with the 3 new spas that include the Week-End series, with models that can accommodate 3, 5 or 6 people.