Many clients want a luxury pool yet are concerned about devoting a large space to a pool. This is where movable floor pools excel; they enable a pool to securely vanish from sight so that the space can be used for other purposes. This gives the client control over how their pool space is used.

Hydrofloors ® to personalise the pool to bathers' needs

Leading the way in this incredible technology is the Twinscape Group which provides its patented Hydrofloors® movable floor system for pools and spas of all types. The same technology is harnessed to create other Hydrofloors equipment that enhance the pool experience, such as sliding walls that divide pools into separate swimming areas.

Patented Hydrofloors® movable floor

The genius of this technology is its simplicity. These movable floors consist of a custom-made structure made of stainless steel with a network of closed-pore foam packages that make the entire pool floor continuously buoyant. When erected and closed the movable pool floor exceeds the load bearing capacity of a house at 250kg/m2.  When the pool space is needed for another activity, the movable pool floor is raised to the top of the pool creating a hardscaped floor that locks securely in place, concealing the water. For pools, the movable floor can be set at different depths, personalising the pool to bathers' needs.

Operating globally from bases in Europe and North America, Twinscape works with pool contractors, architects and other professionals to create bespoke movable floors for clients. The company has now expanded its Hydrofloors offering to embrace the hotel and holiday resort sector where maximising the use of leisure space is paramount.