Push yourself to the limit or relax with wellness exercises: in the unique current of the HydroStar turbine swimming system, the day's stresses are quickly forgotten. Time in the pool is made even better with the LED lighting systems from BINDER, which bathe the water in many colours.

BINDER brings atmosphere to the pool 

Two different LEDs ensure the perfect atmosphere in the pool: a light ring for mounting on the outflow opening of the turbine and an ambient light for the installation housing. The LED light ring can display 6,000 regularly alternating RGB colour combinations. Via remote control or the optional BINDER24 app, it also possible to select individual colours and choosing the preferred light intensity with infinitely variable. 

The LED light ring generates a luminous flux of 365 lm and received an award from the jury of the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design Lighting" in 2022.

The ambient LED is installed within the installation housing underneath the turbine and likewise bathes the water in 6,000 fantastic RGB colours. The lighting system isn't just suited to new-build pools; it can also be mounted inside the existing installation housing of your pool with a niche holder. It generates a luminous flux of 850 to 1,700 lm and is available for both single- and twin-shaft BINDER systems. The ambient LED and the light ring meet the requirements of the IP68 protection standard and are supplied with a cable. 

Both lighting systems can be operated using a standard household 24V DC power supply and conveniently controlled using the BINDER24 app.

In addition, the app offers the option of creating own training programmes or completing preset training units in three difficulty levels. The app runs on all smartphones and tablets, in addition to on Apple's Smart Watch.