The semi-rigid Netspa offers a compromise between inflatable and rigid spas. It consists of insulating foam panels that can easily be inserted into a PVC liner.

A compromise between inflatable and rigid spas

Quick to install, it maintains its shape over time. Whether round or octagonal, a semi-rigid spa can be optionally equipped with matching outdoor furniture to create an attractive oasis of well-being, both indoors and outdoors.

The range consists of three models: the Octopus, Vita and Vita Premium. The first two are covered with woven anthracite PVC on the outside and pearl white on the inside, while the Vita Premium comes with a premium, taupe-coloured imitation leather envelope.

The Netspa semi-rigid spa is equipped with a pump that offers 3 functions - bubble pump, heating and filtration - as well as a ground cover and security cover that maintains heat and the cleanliness of the spa water.