Poolex, a brand by the Poolstar group, is once again bringing innovation to a booming sector where sustainability and efficiency are essential. 

Innovation, sustainability and performance at the heart of Poolex brand products

By expanding its range of swimming pool equipment, the Poolex brand, famous for its innovative heat pumps, is now offering a complete variety of products that meets all the needs of swimming pool owners, including filtration pumps, salt chlorinators as well as cartridge and sand filtration systems.

electrolyseur Sel-in

Sel-in salt chlorinator

Variable-speed filtration pumps are at the heart of this expansion, which stand out with their energy efficiency. By adjusting their speed depending on the swimming pool's needs, they significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining crystal-clear water.

Poolex cartridge filters, designed to save water, are just as impressive thanks to their advanced design offering optimal filtration while also being eco-friendly due to the lack of backwashing. This helps cut consumption costs, but also preserves natural resources.

When it comes to hot tubs, the Spawer heat pump represents real innovation in terms of energy efficiency, offering a luxury experience while also being environmentally-friendly. With this heat pump for hot tubs, Poolex is setting new standards in terms of sustainability and comfort.

Pompe à chaleur pour spas Spawer

Spawer heat pump for spas 

Poolex is committed to providing a complete range of innovative equipment for pool maintenance and comfort, reflecting its values of innovation, sustainability and performance. For more information, please visit the Poolex brand website.