The NetSpa website has been totally redesigned to provide support retailers for their marketing operations. The address is the same, but the completely restructured and restyled user interface highlights a cocoon of well-being in the brand's colours.

A website redesigned to provide support retailers for their marketing operations

The tone is set from the homepage, with clear access to the various ranges: semi-rigid, rigid and inflatable spas are staged to reveal their styling in trendy new ergonomic visuals.

Each product sheet details the features of the spa being viewed, guiding potential customers towards their ideal product. They can download the product sheet in PDF format and immediately access the user manual.

The brand's aim is to provide support to all its partners by providing all the keys to potential customers to help them make their choice and to reassure them about the reliability of the product. An ergonomic 'Purchase' button has even been introduced for each product. It gives quick access to a directory of retailers according to the post code or map geolocation. A free and practical tool that increases the visibility of every NetSpa dealer.


Semi-rigid Netspa