Products and equipment

The brand-new range of Wellis spas: combining energy efficiency with trendy aesthetics
The development engineers have rethought almost every aspect of Wellis massage pools and have created a unique new range with 61 patents and their own innovations, including energy efficiency. 
The perfect lazy river thanks to the HydroStar by Binder
Recreational pools enable us to switch off and recover from the stress of our daily lives. Many establishments have rivers. The operators of these aquatic centres are increasingly choosing the HydroStar turbine swimming system by BINDER, which generates a current that is similar to that of a...
The Warmpac S4S control unit: upgrade to variable pool filtration
Warmpac offers pool owners the possibility to upgrade from a simple filter pump to a variable filter pump simply by adding a control unit. 
Poolican by Poolstar for total pool treatment
To simplify the day-to-day tasks of pool owners, Poolex by Poolstar has developed the Poolican for total pool treatment managed by a single device!
Autofix 2.0 by APF Pool Design for a perfectly safe and effortless automatic cover
An innovative and patented solution developed by APF Pool Design. Not only is the Autofix 2.0 innovative, it also looks attractive, which certainly can't hurt anything! This 100% automatic pool safety device is above all very practical because it enables the cover to be locked and unlocked via...
Warmpac's new Eco-consumption feature for significant savings
A specialist in pool heat pumps, Warmpac has committed to the reduction of the environmental footprint of its heat pumps by incorporating an 'Eco-consumption' feature into its future units. This enables the heat pump to be powered by solar energy, using the surplus production of domestic...
Pool Diving, the automatic cover solution for high-end and designer pools
APF Pool Design has launched an awareness campaign concerning the use of water, with the message: "Covering means reducing". Of course, they are referring to pools and water evaporation! Covering pools is one of the solutions for this natural phenomenon that causes the need to top up pools during...
The O'Spa heat pump of the Spawer range for spas
Compact and powerful, the O'Spa heat pump pilots the spa heater. O'Spa is part of the new range of Poolex spa heat pumps. It is an ultra-compact heat pump (380 x 440 x 423 mm) fitted with a rotary compressor and a Twisted Tech titanium exchanger (guaranteed against corrosion). It offers 3...
The SAVVY control unit enables smart spa heating management
Warmpac distributes the SAVVY control unit by EZPOOL. This smart control unit enables the management of spa heating to ensure owners an optimal heating / energy consumption ratio.
Hayward's AquaRite® solutions: all modern water treatment technologies
The new version of the AquaRite® Pro incorporates the successful features of the treatment, control and water regulation device and adds performance and modernity to become the AquaRite® Pro Touch! This new development incorporates Hayward's transparent T-Cell for fast visual control of chlorine...
Pool Sam by Poolstar contributes to the fight against the outbreak of forest fires
With 785,605 hectares burned by fires in the European Union (EU) in 2022, it is becoming urgent to develop innovations that use, among other things, the water reservoir of swimming pools. Indeed, innovation and democratisation lie at the heart of the expertise of Poolstar, which has chosen not to...
The Hydroflex reinforced membrane by APF Pool Design
The Hydroflex range of 150/100 reinforced membranes by APF Pool Design offers flexibility and durability, as well as resistance to tearing, distortion, ageing and temperature (33 °C for the Relief and Varnished Plain finishes, 32 °C for the Standard Plain finish). The membrane is varnished on...
New flat LED pool lights by Hayward
A beautiful pool without beautiful lighting is missing something. Hayward's new flat LED pool lights are designed to enhance the pool when the sun goes down.
AstralPool presents its new ladders with Plascoat® coating, a solution for saltwater pools
Plascoat®'s ability to resist the corrosive agents present in swimming pools using salt electrolysis treatment could make a significant difference to the pool sector. Saltwater electrolysis technology is very popular in residential pools as more than half of all new inground pool installations...
New Zodiac® Z250 pool heat pump
New for 2023 from Zodiac®, this horizontal Full Inverter heat pump is designed for small and medium-sized swimming pools. It stands out for its elegant and refined design, integrating perfectly into all outdoor environments. The range comes in 4 power versions.