Products and equipment

ContraSpa of SpaFlow, the UK's first contrast therapy spa
Contraspa, designed by Richard Gowland and the Special Projects Division team at SpaFlo, the luxury spa, pool, and hot tub specialist, is the UK's first hot and cold spa, helping to aid contrast therapy, the movement between hot and cold water.
SCP UK unveiled its new pool products at Spatex 2024
SCP UK met the pool professionals on their booth at the SPATEX Show. They presented their new pool products for 2024 season: pool cleaners, heat pumps, Inverter pumps and a Frequency Inverter for pool pumps, as well as a new 3D reinforced membrane color. 
The new FilterGuard system by Darlly
After 1 year of research and development creating an innovative approach to pool and spa filter maintenance, Darlly has launched a new filter cleaning system called "FilterGuard", at Spatex 2024.
New SCP UK's Pool products for 2024 season displayed at SPATEX 2024
SCP UK's team was at SPATEX 2024 Show to introduce their new products proposed in 2024 to meet customers' needs: pool cleaners, heat pumps, new pool pumps, the iFlow iSaverK Frequency Inverter for pool pumps, and a new 3D reinforced membrane color. 
SPATEX 2024: Safe Swim Digital Meter of ITS Europe
In the world of pools and hot tubs, achieving and maintaining pristine water quality is both an art and a science. The Safe Swim Digital Meter from ITS EUROPE sets new benchmarks in the realm of water quality testing. 
Parade, the single-rail pool enclosure from Alukov
In the world of pool enclosures, Alukov is at the forefront of innovation, delivering solutions that blend style with functionality. The latest addition to their portfolio, the Parade enclosure, takes centre stage as a budget-friendly option that promises not only affordability but also a...
The Heatstar solutions, a proven dehumidification technology
For nearly 45 years Heatstar have been guiding their clients towards responsible energy solutions for swimming pools, setting the benchmark in an environmentally conscious industry.
New exclusive SCP Garden Leisure Hot Tubs spa range
In 2024, SCP UK introduces a new model in their exclusive SCP Garden Leisure Hot Tubs spa range. It now features 696L, 780B, 680L, 642L, new 540DL, 334L, 742B and 642L models, for a complete range answering every customers'needs.
Download the 2024 Pool Technologie catalogue online
Driven by its ambition to provide exceptional solutions to enhance the pool experience, Pool Technologie, one of the leaders on the European market, presents its new 2024 catalogue.
The many advantages of Binder counter-current swimming systems
A BINDER turbine swimming system transforms a simple pool into a place for adventure for the whole family. Their unique current offers multiple possibilities for use. These systems also consume considerably less energy than pump systems.
New eco-friendly packaging for instatest strips of LaMotte Europe
At Spatex this year, LaMotte Europe will be presenting their range of advanced water testing technology including the WaterLink SpinTouch, now available for Classic and Natural swimming pools. Designed for service technicians, pool operators and retail professionals, the WaterLink SpinTouch is the...
Sustainable Outdoor Living: the Fairland’s 100% Green iGarden
With the revolutionary COP20 pool heat pump launched, the innovative company is boosting technology breakthroughs centered around its iGarden vision, from ‘20x saving’ to ‘100% green’. The X20 pool heat pump, the X20 wireless robot, and the InverX solar energy storage system are combined...
The Clean & Clear™ Plus filter by Pentair in the SCP Europe catalogue
SCP proposes the Clean & Clear™ Plus by Pentair, an easy-to-maintain 4-element cartridge filter that offers excellent filtration finesse (approx. 10 microns), thus ensuring the optimum effectiveness of treatment products.
Measure water in 60 seconds with the new LILIAN photometer
The company Lilian Labs has developed a novel photometer for water analysis, the LILIAN. The sample preparation takes place fully automatically on a so-called "SensoStick". The measurement works as follows: The SensoStick is inserted into the measuring device, you just press one button and all...
New colours for the Protect 33 liner by DEL
The Protect 33 liner by DEL now comes in new printed colours with a tile/stone appearance. These liners bring a touch of modernity and texture to the pool and meet the requirements of the EN 71-3* standard (for toys). They are made to measure in Brittany by the French manufacturer’s experienced...