Although the need to cover a pool has become obvious to avoid the problem of water evaporation, offering a filter that saves water is certainly the second eco-responsible recommendation that pool installers can give their clients. The water is not only better filtered, it also provides swimmers with optimum quality. 

Evolution of Pentair element and sand filters

Pentair element and sand filters have evolved to better respond to this important issue. Thus, the mono- and multi-cartridge filters of the Clean and Clear range, which have been renowned for decades, are now fitted with innovative Pleatco cartridges. They are designed to be even more effective and durable, with a free-flow ABS core, 50% core opening for easier access and an advanced filtration fabric (with more fibres). 

Clean and Clear

As for the Triton NEO sand filters, they are now equipped with patented ClearPro® technology as standard. In addition to offering very fine filtration, they cut down on the frequency of backwashing, thus saving on water and treatment products.

The result: backwashing reduced by up to a third! 


*ClearPro® technology is based on porous strainer material, creating a final barrier against the small particles that sand cannot filter out (dust, algae, pollen, etc.).