Specialist manufacturer of spas and swim spas, Wellis presents Iceland Cold Plunge Tub. The water in this plunge bath can be very cold, down to 2°C, or at the usual temperature for a spa, up to 40°C.

Ice bath therapy

Wellis, which recently launched a new range of sustainable spas with a luxurious design, is introducing its first cold tub.

Immersion in cold or very cold water has many virtues, appreciated in particular by great athletes. It allows for rapid recovery after exercise and reduces muscle and joint pain by constricting blood vessels.
This kind of bath is also known for its stimulation of the immune system. It also help reduce stress and anxiety, increase vitality, stimulate metabolism and regulate mood.

Wellis Iceland Cold Plunge Tub in video

Iceland Cold Plunge Tub by night Wellis

Iceland Cold Plunge Tub with LED lighting at night

A cold or hot water therapy bathtub for one person

The iceland Cold Plunge Tub includes 1 seat to lie down. It can be used for cold or hot therapeutic baths. It is very well insulated by efficient panels (LIFE Scandinavian insulation system) including a thermal mirror sheet. 

It is equipped with a very low consumption circulation pump (190W/h), an OzmixTM system offering a 20% more effective disinfection than ozone without a mixing chamber, a cool/heat pump (3kW) able for example to cool 100 liters of 23°C water down to 5°C in as little as one and a half hour, at an outside temperature of 15°C. Its heating COP value is 4.05.
The settings are easily adjusted on the digital display control panel, or on the smartphone application, even remotely.
The user can also enjoy the benefits of chromotherapy through integrated LED lighting.
The connection is Plug & Play.