Wellis, the Hungarian manufacturer of spas and swim spas, offers high quality products and services to its customers and partners and aims to bring an unforgettable wellness experience to the home.

An innovative manufacturer of spas at the service of its customers and partners

A company with continuous development and growth

Since the company was founded in 2003, more and more people are choosing Wellis products across Europe. The increasing demand for a healthy lifestyle increases the demand for quality wellness products. Thanks to continuous development and growth, Wellis has now become the largest hot tub manufacturer on the European market. 

To meet the growing market demand and the pursuit of quality manufacturing technology, the company has invested in the construction and continuous expansion of the huge plant, which is equipped with modern manufacturing tools. The manufacturer involves more than 1,800 people at a total area of 50,000 m2

New Wellis site in Ózd

New Wellis site in Ózd

Its products are thus stored in several warehouses. In the second half of 2020, Wellis also acquired a second site in Ózd, and in 2021, it started manufacturing the hot tubs and employing another 800 employees. The two production units are available with a huge capacity (possibility of 100,000 hot tubs a year) which could make Wellis one of the world's leading manufacturers in the next few years. Wellis currently sell 30,000 Wellis hot tubs per year at more than 500 points of sale worldwide.

Wellis, a renowned brand in the international wellness market

The Wellis factory units are in the heart of Europe, allowing fast and safe delivery to the European market at an affordable price. Wellis has an average of 5-10,000 pools and more than 50,000 sanitary products in stock. 

The company has its own customer service and provides professional training opportunities for the employees of its partners. Beside these, Wellis supports its partners with marketing materials and with the support of its local organisations and account managers in the key European markets

With many innovations and patents, Wellis is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the hot tub market. It has become a leading manufacturer of hot tubs in Europe and has entered the US market. 

The many awards that its products win at exhibitions around the world are a proof of the company's international recognition. They represent the excellence and quality that has resulted in more than 18 years of professional experience.

To satisfy its customers, Wellis is constantly evolving and shaping its corporate values.

High quality, innovative, sustainable hot tubs and swim spas Wellis

Wellis aims to provide the best quality products to its customers, equipped with the best possible massage and relaxation experiences, at a competitive price. Wellis produce hot tubs, swim spas, their associated thermal roofs and pool side coverings. 

Innovations and new technologies for comfort, aesthetic and performant hot tubs

The Wellis hot tubs offer an exclusive design, unforgettable massage experience and are available in countless variations. The hot tub manufacturer offers many advantages and guarantees to their customers. 

Wellis uses a unique 6.3 mm thick polyurethane-reinforced acrylic material from Plascolite and Aristech (USA) to shape the hot tub body. It works with the Canadian-based Gecko Alliance Group, the world's leading manufacturer of pool pumps and control systems. 

The manufacturer provides a ten-year warranty on the shell, seven years on the acrylic surface, and three years on the engineering.

Wellis manufacturer hot tubs swim spas well-being experience

Wellis, the manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas, wants to bring an unforgettable well-being experience 

Environmentally friendly spa manufacturing

The company aims to focus on sustainability and maintain the production of premium quality hot tubs. 

Wellis has gradually switched to the use and recycling environmentally friendly materials. For recycling, it is essential to selectively collect and recycle as much industrial waste and used equipment and components as possible, and to reuse granular or powder-based extruders produced with stabilizers, dyes, and other additives. For this reason, Wellis has acquired a special plastic grinder with which it can apply this technological innovation.

For more efficient and sustainable recycling, the production of polyurethane foam has replaced glass fibre processes in the production of some Wellis pools. Developments that reduce energy demand are already essential when designing its products. To achieve energy savings both during the manufacturing process and during use, Wellis uses more fuel-efficient pumps and is constantly improving the thermal insulation of its pools.

Technical innovations for the manufacture of Wellis spas

Technical innovations for the manufacture of Wellis spas

To further improve this performance, its development team is currently working on the world's most energy-efficient pool, which will be able to halve current energy consumption. Reducing the use of materials in acrylic bathtubs can lead to significant savings in bulk and in the long run. Wellis uses 10-12% less plastic per year than its competitors due to its technical innovations. The manufacturer also reuses the packaging from suppliers. The pallets are also reused instead of being scrapped by regenerating them as energy produced in incinerators. 

Due to a similar principle, a heat pump system capable of partially recycling the residual heat of the extruder plant was built, which significantly reduced the heat demand of the technology with external supply.

If you want to find the hot tubs and swim spas that best suit your business, complete your products with various accessories or become a Wellis partner, discover its various offers and contact the company.