With Vigipool, CCEI offers a set of automated and connected devices that communicate with each other and together form a complete technical room, to be controlled with your smartphone, using a single application.

An automated solution guaranteeing comfort and peace of mind

In fact, all the devices in the Vigipool universe can be configured with a single smartphone application, which evolves according to the devices in the installation. This application allows you to control and manage devices anywhere in the world, providing peace of mind to the user thanks to permanent control of their swimming pool. With this global offer, CCEI supplies an automated solution guaranteeing comfort and peace of mind. Device configuration allows you to save money in the long term by controlling your energy consumption.

Discover Vigipool by CCEI in video

The Vigipool offer was designed to suit everyone. Thus, the user and installer can choose from several available devices: electrical box, water treatment by electrolysis or by liquid chlorine injection, complete pH / ORP / T°C analyser or analysis dedicated to each device. Many configurations are available. In addition, the installation can evolve with the seasons; the devices recognize one another.

Thus, depending on the budget, an installer can offer basics (filtration box) during the first season and upgrade his client's premises in the coming seasons with treatment devices, etc.