The CF Comfort Inverter R290 heat pump totally fulfils the demands of today's consumers for energy efficiency, reduced impact on global warming, connectivity and silence. Moreover, this heat pump is certified class A according to the new guidelines of the NF EN 17645 standard.

High energy efficiency with Full Inverter and low environmental impact with R290

Equipped with Full Inverter technology, the heat pump is fitted with an Inverter compressor and a variable-speed ventilation motor with incremental settings. Temperature regulation is precise and adapts to the needs of the pool in real time. The heat pump offers three modes: Boost / Smart / Eco silence, the last of which enhances acoustic comfort.

pompe à chaleur CF Comfort Inverter R290

CF Comfort Inverter R290 heat pump

An all-seasons heat pump, it operates from -25°C and possesses an automatic defrosting system. Its connective capacity enables it to be easily controlled via the LivePool Heater smartphone application, but it can also be controlled via a touchscreen.

The motor is cleverly hidden behind an exclusively designed front panel for discreet integration into any environment.

As its name implies, the CF Comfort Inverter R290 heat pump runs on R290 gas and not R32. A refrigerating gas with a Global Warming Potential of almost zero (3 vs. 675 GWP for R32), it is thus one of the gases with the least impact on global warming. In addition, it possesses excellent thermodynamic properties and cuts down on energy bills. It is stable, even at very low temperatures (down to -25 °C), with a refrigerant load that is 20% less than for R32.

CF recommends this heat pump for pools between 25 and 85 m³ in warmer regions of southern Europe, and between 30 and 100 m³ in northern regions, depending on environmental conditions and usage. The heat pump comes with a 3-year warranty and is available in 3 power versions. It is delivered with the accessories necessary for easy installation: anti-vibration feet, winter cover, hydraulic connection (50 mm) kit and condensate evacuation kit.

Façade de la PAC CF Comfort Inverter R290

Front panel of the CF Comfort Inverter R290 heat pump