The Hydroflex range has recently been enriched with a new line of reinforced 150/100th coatings! After its Hydroflex 3D Sensation range, with mineral textures and a unique feel, and the Native range, which is specially designed for non-standard shapes, overflow pools and complex shapes, APF Pool Design has unveiled its new Hydroflex 4D Perception collection.

An avant-garde design for an underwater effect with multiple reflections

Thanks to its varnish and different layers of print, this 150/100th membrane offers avant-garde design: a shimmering underwater effect with multiple reflections that will awaken the senses of all users!

Echantillon membrane armée 4D Perception gris anthracite

Hydroflex 4D Perception anthracite grey

4D Perception is applauded by all, including Antony Tommasone, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman, who speaks of it in these terms: 'I appreciate the realism of the stone aspects that provide a hyper-natural final appearance. I am certain that the three colours of the 4D Perception range will fulfil the wishes of pool owners and integrate well into any environment'

Echantillon membrane armée 4D Perception gris silex

Hydroflex 4D Perception flint grey

The membrane possesses high-quality technical properties: strong resistance to tearing, easier cutting and welding, durability, as well as aligned patterns that simplify installation for optimal aesthetics. These high-end characteristics enable the manufacturer to release this new membrance with several guarantees: 10 years for watertightness, temperature up to 33 °C, compliance with NF EN 15- 836-2 and grade B with respect to the NF EN 17645 standard, Class C anti-slip certification, and stain resistance. Its 3 elegant, ceramics-inspired colours (anthracite grey, flint grey and sand) offer perfect contemporary styling. 

Membrane armée 4D Perception sable

Hydroflex 4D Perception sand