Stainless-steel pools become more and more popular also in the private sector. The inox pools are beautiful and long-lasting; however, not everyone can afford a stainless-steel pool.

The VÁGNER POOL corrosion-resistant portfolio

For exactly those customers, VÁGNER POOL has an affordable solution - a wide range of stainless-steel components with very reasonable prices. The VÁGNER POOL corrosion-resistant portfolio consists of built-in pool components together with a variety of water cascades.

The built-in parts - marketed under the VAMILA brand - offer full-inox inlets and outlets and inox accessories for plastic nozzles, skimmers and outlets. All VAMILA parts and water cascades are made of high-quality AISI 316 steel. Full-inox skimmers are also available.

Inox accessories for plastic nozzle

Inox accessories for plastic nozzle

A new product in the VÁGNER POOL portfolio is the AISI 316L light niche, available in two models - witch flange for liner pools and weld-on for stainless steel pools. A Duplex-steel version can also be ordered. To complete the inox range, a variety of AISI 316 water cascades are offered by VÁGNER POOL. Czech-made, hand-polished for a perfect rendering.

VÁGNER POOL is a renowned producer and wholesale distributor of pool technology and accessories, with almost 30 years of tradition. With more than 10.000 m² of warehouse space it has become one of the largest wholesale players on the pool market, being active in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Water cascade Vagner Pool

Water cascade