VÁGNER POOL is a renowned producer and distributor of advanced pool technology and accessories - Intelligent pool control system, electro automatic control units, pool liners, Vamila stainless-steel program, reel systems for solar cover, electric heaters and transformers - who recently celebrated 27 years in the pool sector.

VÁGNER POOL, producer and distributor of  advanced pool technology and accessories

Solutions for customers who demand efficiency, savings and do care the environment

They offer solutions that are specially designed for customers who demand efficiency, savings and do care the environment. This latter aspect must be taken into account from the project design phase. It starts with a polystyrene block construction that correctly insulates the pool, as well as a high-quality AVfol liner. The stainless-steel embedded elements then durably enhance the style of the pool. A correctly chosen filter tank complemented by a VS Smart pump - or an ordinary single-speed pump fitted with a frequency Inverter unit - will provide for additional energy savings.

For water treatment, the VA SALT SMART chlorinator unit is ideal for saltwater pools, while the VA DOS dosing units stand ready for users who prefer liquid chlorine / hydroxide disinfection. A UV lamp will also reduce the need for chemicals and save money plus the environment.

One can choose from the RAPID or NORM modern full-Inverter heat pumps for effective heating, operating on more environmentally-friendly R32 refrigerant gas, which meets the most exacting European environmental standards. VÁGNER POOL also manufactures its own electric heaters, to assist the heat pumps in cold weather conditions.

User can add a manual or electric solar cover reel system (also by VÁGNER POOL) to minimize the water surface heat loss.

The pool can then be equipped with an intelligent VArio pool control system to manage, monitor and configure the pool remotely from any location, including water heating and dosing, pump speed etc. Technology operation is optimised and the pool is under full control.

User can receive information about any potential problems even before the water turns green; the VArio system also enables pool technicians to remotely access the pool controls for diagnosis and remote assistance. So, any problems may be solved even while the owner is on vacation.