Nowadays, when the energy prices skyrocket, the pool running costs become the Topic No. 1 for many households. A pool can definitely be effective; however, certain main requirements must be obeyed: insulated pool and piping, correctly-dimensioned filtration, energy-efficient heating, proper water surface covering.

Solutions to build cost-saving pools

When the pool builder correctly sets up and harmonizes the equipment, a cost-effective pool operation is basically guaranteed.  

For Vágner Pool's customers - pool builders, there are such solutions available that enable them to actually build cost-saving pools. A properly insulated pools shall be equipped with a tailor-fitted filter and a circulation pump controlled by a frequency inverter, which provides for ideal filtration speed and cost-effective pump operation. As for heating, either a full-inverter RAPID heat pump or a heat exchanger fitted on an existing house heating system will be highly appreciated by the pool owner. 

And let´s not forget the pool surface cover - at least a solar blanket, but ideally a thermo-insulating cover as even under a roof the heat loss through uncovered water surface can be enormous. Vágner Pool recommends fitting such well-equipped pool with the VArio Intelligent Pool Control system, which will harmonize the function of each individual piece of pool technology and thereby create an optimized and cost-efficient pool. The service access for pool professionals and remote diagnostics of the pool technology over the internet is also a great advantage of this system.Vágner Pool is a renowned producer and wholesale distributor of pool technology and accessories, with over 28 years of tradition.