The remote monitoring solution for heat pumps, PolyConnect is releasing its 2022 version, including a WiFi unit installed as standard in all inverter models by the manufacturer Polytropic. When installing it, just connect the heat pump to the household WiFi network (easier pairing with the QR Code) to enjoy connected swimming pool heating.

PolyConnect, the remote monitoring solution for heat pumps

The big benefit of PolyConnect is that it allows information to be exchanged from the equipment directly to Polytropic's technical support team. Specialist technicians remotely monitor that the heat pump is running properly thanks to the notifications they receive if it malfunctions. They can therefore easily anticipate any potential problems. If necessary, they can also act quickly remotely depending on the malfunction, thanks to the ModBus connection which lets them act directly from the TechniCenter.

Users can set up their heat pump from the free dedicated smartphone app and monitor that the device is running smoothly themselves in real time. They can access various info (status, water and air temperature, filtration, etc.) and also receive notifications and advice on any settings to be made depending on the weather for example. They can benefit from remote technical diagnostics, surveillance of their equipment and a 2-year warranty on all parts and 3 years on the heat pump.

It is worth noting that the PolyConnect app was developed by Polytropic engineers and that its servers are located in France and secure (in line with the General Data Protection Regulation). 

To find out more, watch the PolyConnect 2022 short promo video on the manufacturer's YouTube channel.

A real preventive maintenance tool, PolyConnect offers a source of relevant information for professionals to anticipate any potential call-outs, to adjust certain configuration issues remotely, to run an update, to optimise settings, etc. The after-sales procedure is also much quicker to launch given that potential error codes will be received as notifications, even before the user has time to worry about it.
Certain call-outs now become unnecessary, such as reading error codes, optimising underperforming settings and running most troubleshooting tasks. Everything is relayed in real time to the TechniCenter.
The heat pump's log is stored for 5 years.
PolyConnect also lets you remotely monitor the water treatment system connected to the installation.

The PolyConnect app will very soon be available in 7 languages: French, English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.