The "Premium Clean Profile" slat

"Premium Clean Profile" slats from T&A have quickly established themselves as one of the references on the market for pool cover slats.

Performance appreciated by customers

Their insulating ability, their heating power and their anti-algae properties have made them a hit with customers. What's more, their users can be reassured by the slats' mechanical performance, which enables them to withstand hailstones up to 4 cm in diameter.

A conformity with the norm NF P 90-308 even for infinity pools

Their conformity with the norm NF P 90-308 was recently approved, including for deck-level and infinity pools. This was achieved after tests were carried out by an independent laboratory, and it shows that they are a quality choice.

Lames volet de piscine couleur argent Premium Clean de T&A

Extended lifespan

These tests focussed on how the slats aged, exposing them to UV light for 6 months, in order to ensure that they last over time.
The substantial thickness of their walls, together with the UV-resistant layer covering the upper side of the slats (tri-extrusion), gives them an extended lifespan, even when used in the sunniest parts of the world.