After more than 30 years of specialising in cleaning robots for collective pools, Hexagone has decided to enter the market for private and semi-collective pools.

Selected for cleaning for several international aquatic sports events, such as the London Olympic Games, those of Rio, the World Swimming Championships in Kazan or Guangzhou with its robots, the manufacturer has successfully developed high-performance equipment equipped with the latest technologies.

Its robots come fitted with a gyroscope that accurately scans the pool and calculates the optimal trajectory for cleaning it. The company is also strongly committed to providing reliable after-sales service and technical follow-up.

It is an experienced designer who had the mission of designing "the beast", in the person of Jan Mindek.  Mindek has worked on projects such as the Elon Musk Hyperloop (the high-speed tunnel in Los Angeles), and for the Volkswagen / Audi group.

His signature now crowns a powerful and high design robot, embodying sportiness, dynamism and emotion, in the form of a high-end model. To launch its new model dedicated to residential swimming pools, it has chosen the major international meeting held every two years in Lyon.  That was where you could discover the international debut of the new Crocodile Rock robot.