Hexa Touch CockpitAs you may have already noticed, the latest swimming pool cleaning robot models from Hexagone Manufacture come with the brand’s new Hexa Touch Cockpit, fitted with the Magellan 2.0 operating system.

The latest models of the Chrono Viking and the PEPS will be fitted with this new, completely digital display and control system, which will also enable updates via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


The MMI system has a 7-inch, high-definition touchscreen.


Its automated control allows users  to programme the robot with a specific cleaning cycle.


This development is the result of consumer’s feedback. Most of them expressed the wish for different automatic cycles for draining, public holidays or during a storm, for example.


The system also provides a quick-access toolbar where maintenance and settings functions can be accessed easily.







To be discovered at interbad in Stuttgart