Hexagone Manufacture, the European leader for the maintenance of commercial and public pools, has been chosen to clean the pools for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games! A source of pride for the company and three cheers for French technology!

Cutting-edge cleaning that respects the Olympic pool environment 

After brilliantly ensuring the cleaning of the pools for the Rio and London Olympics, as well as the world swimming championships in Fukuoka and Doha, Hexagone has once again been entrusted with this prestigious task, and moreover in France, where the company has established its headquarters, for the worldwide event of the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

Since its creation, the Argenteuil-based company has established itself as a major player in the world of robot pool cleaners. Its cleaners incorporate the latest technology as well as optimised navigation, ensuring precise, effective cleaning, that facilitates the task of maintenance staff. Over 30 years of experience enable the company to be regularly chosen today for major international swimming championships.

The maintenance of Olympic pools is not limited to the sports aspect of cleaning, because Hexagone is also committed to using environmentally-friendly methods and contributing to the vision of a cleaner, healthier planet. 

The French manufacturer has once again taken its place on the podium... 

Hexagone aux JO 2024

Hexagone at the 2024 Olympics