Recognized for its reliability and efficacy, the JUST product range from POOL TECHNOLOGIE has evolved for the 2017 season. The 3 JUSTSALT, JUSTSALT DUO and JUSTSALT PRO chlorinators now feature a backlit graphic LCD display and new functions.



Just Salt



Simple and intuitive, the new LCD interface from JUSTSALT offers the user a complete menu, available in 9 languages.  It is now very easy to monitor the life of the cell and to manage pool parameters (chlorine production, water temperature, salt level, automatic wintering, etc.). In case of malfunction, the screen displays a clear message simplifying user intervention.


Of course, the device still retains the technologies that made it successful, such as "Smart Power". This function maintains a constant production of chlorine, even if the cell is partially scaled up or the pH is incorrectly stabilised.  It is therefore not necessary to regulate the production during the season, as on many devices.  The new intelligent self-test programme, combined with the event history, are even more advantages that also facilitate maintenance by the professional.

JUSTSALT comes in two advanced versions as well, the JUSTSALT DUO and the JUSTSALT PRO. The first ensures regulation of pH proportional to the volume of the pool based on a patented process.


As for the second, the most comprehensive of the range, in addition to disinfection by salt electrolysis and pH regulation, it offers self-adapting production of chlorine thanks to a special salt ORP probe. The risks of over-chlorination or lack of chlorine are thus limited and the lifetime of the equipment extended.

In order to meet the expectations of its customers, POOL TECHNOLOGIE offers, through these developments, the possibility of optimising follow-up by the professional and ease of use for its clients.