Products and equipment

Verdon VS: new AstralPool variable speed pumps for residential pools
AstralPool has launched a new range of variable speed pumps for residential pools: Verdon VS. It brings energy efficiency and user comfort in mind. The pump is silent, running most of the time at lower speeds. It integrates a connectivity system for remote control via the Fluidra Pool app. 
Optimising the water treatment solution with hth
hth® easiflo® BRIQUETTE has already obtained its technical assessment for calcium hypochlorite-based water treatment in order to comply with the future BPR (European Biocidal Product Regulation) and has been accredited by the French Ministry of Health. These hypochlorite tablets with a patented...
New and more sustainable TCCA tablets packaging from Ercros
Ercros introduces a new and more sustainable packaging for TCCA tablets for the swimming pool water treatment. UN approved, it is made from responsibly sourced cardboard, is 100% recyclable and the material of its inner bag is recycled plastic. 
BINDER turbine-driven counterflow systems: movement in the swimming pool
BINDER turbine-driven counterflow systems create a unique current reproducing that of a river. Thanks to these systems, even small swimming pools can be transformed into true oasis of fitness and well-being at the touch of a button. At Piscina & Wellness in Barcelona, professional visitors can...
Super Power Wi-Fi Direct VSD variable-speed pump
Variable-speed filter pumps offer pool owners numerous advantages: silent operation, significant energy savings, improved water quality, and the optimisation of heating by Full Inverter heat pumps.
FREERIDER™: Fluidra's cordless robotic pool cleaner, chosen as 2024 Product of the Year
The FREERIDER™cleaner stands out for operating without a power cable. It has a lithium battery that provides the power. It integrates built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that connects it to a user's mobile phone. The robotic cleaner was chosen as Product of the Year 2024 following a market survey of...
EvoLogic® lighting: a more flexible and economic solution
Hayward is pursuing its commitment towards more eco-friendly pools with ingenious solutions. This is exemplified by its new concept of Evologic® LED lighting that offers bespoke pool lights sold in separate elements. With this concept, it is no longer necessary to purchase a complete standard...
California plastic sand filter by Atlaspool
Atlaspool is a group of companies which exports directly to around thirty countries. Under marketing and understanding production, they offer swimming pool equipment in many areas: pool pumps, underwater lighting, disinfection systems, pool chemicals, pool cleaning equipment, ornamental pool...
Pooslquad® iPO by Pool Technologie, an eco-friendly solution
Faced with the challenge of reducing the impact of pools on the environment and the search for energy efficiency, Pool Technologie offers pool owners a major step forward with its Poolsquad® iPO system. Based on the principle of saltwater chlorination, this in situ chlorine generator guarantees...
WP Signature, the high-performance WPool heat pump
The WP Signature heat pump is among the latest French-designed innovations patented by Warmpac. Its side ventilation enables easy installation even in small spaces. This heat pump is equipped with a compressor and an Inverter ventilation motor with a double Full Inverter electronic board.
Duraflow from Duratech: a new patented concept for pool filtration
Duraflow products are designed to meet the needs for energy- and water saving filtration combined with low maintenance efforts.  Making it an optimal choice for environmentally conscious pool owners.
The Spa Touch, a model of the Aqualife family by Aquavia Spa
Spa Touch is ideal for a deeply relaxing hydrotherapy experience, although it can accommodate a maximum of 3 places: two lounge chairs and one seat. It is an ideally sized spa with its 42 jets perfectly distributed to provide flexible and complete care to each part of the body through three...
New generation of AquaRite® chlorinators by Hayward
The AquaRite range of salt chlorinators from Hayward is evolving this year to offer even more features and an even more attractive design. Ever since it was launched onto the market, this device has offered a smart management system for pool equipment and water treatment through one single...
Reducing Energy Costs for pool and spa owners
Rising energy costs is a major issue for pool and spa owners. Whether commercial or domestic, the cost of heating water and running pools is causing concern, due to the amount of energy required.
Counter-current swimming machine training programs by Eva Optic
The EVAstream turns any swimming pool into a professional training pool, home-fitness and unique aqua attraction to use it for more than just a refreshing dip on hot summer days: to start the working day with an energetic swim workout or to dive into the pool at night to release the stress of a...