The new Iber CoverPool range unveiled in Barcelona includes 3 devices for water treatment by salt electrolysis.

3 new devices for pool water treatment by salt electrolysis

Premium Salt is a salt electrolyser that enables adjustable chlorine production from 0 to 10. It offers a continuous view of production, as well as intuitive navigation on LED screens. The cell is self-cleaning via high-quality polarity inversion. The device also incorporates alarms with a light indicator. It is easy to install and use. Its other features: Smart Power, Boost Mode, Slow Mode, and water flow safety systems. Warranties: 3 years for the device and 2 years for the cell.

Premium Salt

Premium Salt

Premium pH is the range's new pH regulator with a silent dosing pump, and a transparent, high-quality pH sensor that is factory calibrated. It offers proportional pH regulation, in acid (pH-) or alkali (pH+) mode, safety systems in case the pH set-point range is exceeded or overdosing, and alarms with light indicators. Warranties: 3 years for the device and 1 year for the pH sensor.

Regulador de pH : Premium pH

Premium pH

Finally, for a salt electrolyser solution coupled with pH regulation, the new Lux Salt combines all the features of the Premium Salt and Premium pH. In addition, there is a Superboost mode for super-chlorination at 125% for 24 hours. Wintering and recommissioning the electrolyser are performed automatically, as soon as the water temperature falls below 15 °C. The backlit LCD screen offers intuitive navigation, as well as the display of water temperature, salt level and the cell life-cycle.

It is possible to add an optional ORP plug-in kit for redox control, as well as the NEXTPOOL PILOT home automation module for the remote control of water treatment and 2 auxiliary devices. Warranties: 3 years for the device, 2 years for the cell and 1 year for the sensor.

New Iber CoverPool range unveiled in Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023