Variable-speed filter pumps offer pool owners numerous advantages: silent operation, significant energy savings, improved water quality, and the optimisation of heating by Full Inverter heat pumps. These pumps are also particularly quiet as they run at reduced speed most of the time.

The numerous advantages of variable-speed filter pumps

In fact, they consume much less electricity (up to 85% less for certain models). Slow filtration also improves water quality due to a slower passage through the filter. For pools equipped with heating via a Full Inverter heat pump, the round-the-clock operation of the variable-speed pump also optimises the performance of the heat pump, which continuously remains in regulation mode (less noise and increased savings).

SCP offers several types of variable-speed pumps produced by several renowned manufacturers. Among these is the Super Power Wi-Fi Direct VSD variable-speed pump by Emaux, which offers direct Wi-Fi or RS485 (internal antenna with a range of 25m) connectivity. Designed to maximise hydraulic performance, its design with a permanent magnet motor and totally enclosed fan cooling (TEFC) increases its reliability and life cycle.

It is ideal to complete a solar heating system or automatic control equipment. The Super Power Wi-Fi Direct VSD is equipped with an adjustable priming feature, an anti-freeze feature and displays 3 default parameters: the default speed without a timer, momentary power consumption and hourly consumption.