Zenit pool cleaner robots are reliable, efficient, rapid and easy to use, and offer effortless ergonomic handling. They are available in various models, some of which can be programmed using the new IoT box.

Ergonomic, reliable, efficient, rapid and easy to use robots

The cloud allows for 24/7 connectivity via the MyDolphinTMPlus application, enabling advanced remote control and management of the device (running a cleaning cycle, delayed start time, cleaning history, etc.) and providing access to dynamic services and proactive notifications for users. Diagnostics  and software upgrades can be carried out remotely.

  • The Zenit 12 is ideal for pools up to 10 metres in length, and offers the best value for money. The robot can clean pool floors and walls, giving them a full and effective brushing in 2 hours. It uses on-board Clever Clean technology to optimise its movements.
  • The Zenit 20 is the bestseller in the range, and also cleans the water line. It can be used in pools up to 15 metres long. It features  brushes with a combination of PVC/foam bristles (suitable for use with 95% of coatings) or Wonder Brush foam,  the Gy-ro system for optimised navigation,  week-long programming options  and a transport trolley.
  • The Zenit 30 offers the same features as the Zenit 20, and can also be controlled using a remote or via the user's smartphone.
  • The Zenit 60 boasts the PowerStream system, enabling total coverage of the entire pool surface, combined with the DynamicTM dual drive engine, with a multi-directional water outlet and precise navigation controls. The extra barrier provided by its filter prevents fine particles from leaking back into the pool water.
  • The Zenit 70 is the top-of-the-line model, designed for easy handling and lifting. It combines all the benefits of the other models in range with 24/7 connectivity, enabling advanced remote control and management (running cleaning cycles, delayed start time, cleaning history, etc.) It incorporates a rapid water evacuation system to guarantee light, easy handling, while  a filter gauge lets the user monitor the filter status in real time.  All  this data is connected via the Cloud in real time, and can be accessed via the MyDolphin Plus mobile app. This cleaning robot is available exclusively on swimmingpool.eu, carries a 4-year guarantee.