The company SDS offers ingenious equipment for the transport and delivery of spas. The innovative and practical concept of this Austrian company, the Spa Delivery System (SDS), has been specially designed to deliver spas easily, quickly and inexpensively.

An ingenious equipment for the transport of spas

In fact, this system requires only one person to load and transport the spa to its buyer. The trailer is made of high quality materials: the elements of its chassis, as well as the bolts and screws, are made of stainless steel, protecting them from any deterioration over time. This configuration also helps to deliver spas safely and in perfect conditions.  

TÜV certified and approved throughout Europe for road use, the system even features brakes and shock absorbers, permitting a road speed of up to 100 km/h. Thanks to its generous dimensions: 2.34 m wide and 4.30 m long, a reassuring weight of 210 kg, this system can support up to 540 kg! Always in the same practical spirit, the manufacturer also offers the Spa-air-bag, designed to lift and lower spas, even the heaviest, with one hand! 

Lastly, a patented spa lift lever helps to further simplify the task of professionals. 

solution for delivering spas

Solution for delivering spas