spa de nageThe Hydropool Self-Cleaning Swim Spa suits all swimmers - from the beginner to the most athletic, thanks to its «Aquaflex Current Control».


Very simple to use, the speed of the counter-current can be regulated automatically, from 0 to 10 km/h!  The controls are located on the side of the counter-current zone for quick and easy access, optimizing its use.


This exclusive swim spa once again makes it clear that Hydropool focuses on innovation to offer spas and swim spas that are at the forefront of technology, and which cater to the increasingly specific demands of its customers. To keep water clean and safe throughout the year, the manufacturer offers a patented self-cleaning filtration system. 


Moreover, the Hydrowise thermal insulation makes it one of the best energy-efficient spas on the market. Added to these advantages is the research and development that Hydropool mobilizes for its various models, equipment and options to constantly improve the pleasure of counter-current swimming.


Spa de Nage hydropool