The range of Hydropool acrylic spas got recently bigger with a new spa, the model H495.


Hydropool Spa H495


This spa offers a big comfort for 4 persons including an ergonomic bunk bed and a whole new design: the "s-shape". This optimal shape determined by the engineers, the soft shape «S» coming to marry the forms of the body. This new design allows the integration of a full body massage (from head to toe) in a small spa.

This new spa integrates the latest generation of clean HydroClean, patented «self-cleaning», cleaning 100% of the water every 15 minutes. Thanks to the very low power consumption of those spas, the company has obtained the label Hydrowise 2007. This certification results of the use of engines with reduced fuel consumption, an optimized runoff and the patented insulation system ThermoLoc. The new pumps fitted to those spas allow the manufacturer to engage in the use of green technologies with more reliable engines for better performance, all in the utmost respect for his commitment «Evergreen».

Hydropool SPA H495