The Revatop+ shock clarifier from French company Mareva has a curative action as it allows to « rescue » a green pool very quickly (at pool cover removal for example, or during the season in case of algae growth).
It works very quickly and offers the advantage of making bathing possible without any risk, only a few hours after the treatment. Moreover, it avoids any stabiliser adding and has a preventive action.

It is recommended to use it once a month as a shock treatment to complement the sanitizer and then to avoid any algae growth.
This universal product can be used with any type of sanitizer: chlorine, PHMB…

2 kits are available: 2 x 5l of Revatop+ (30 to 100m3 swimming pools) and 2 x 1l “Rattrapage Eau Verte” (Green Pool Rescue) (5 to 20m3 swimming pools).