marevaRev-Aqua® from Mareva offers an ultra-simple product that treats pool water for a whole month.


All-in-one and pre-dosed according to the size of the pool, it consists of a comprehensive solution including disinfectant, anti-algae, clarifying and anti-calcareous at the same time.


A pack of Rev-Aqua lasts a month and contains four sachets of disinfectant (for a long-term or shock treatment) and a graduated container containing four multi-active liquid doses. To enjoy water that is sparkling clean with no chlorine smell, simply place a sachet of disinfectant in the skimmer and pour a dose of liquid in the pool once a week.


Rev-Aqua® is available for pools measuring 18 to 30 m3, 30 to 60 m3and 90 to 120 m3.