Products and equipment

Two innovations in Dolphin cleaning by Maytronics
Among the world leaders in the swimming pool industry, with innovative solutions in the fields of pool safety, robot cleaners and water treatment products, Maytronics was launching in Lyon this year, alongside its flagship products, several novelties including two in Dolphin cleaning.
Free software and application for water treatment
The hth® Test’O Pro™ software allows professionals, but also their seasonal staff, even those with little experience, to analyse pool or spa water, interpret the results and make personalized recommendations for water treatment products.
Sel-in, the new-generation electrolyser by Poolstar
To discover in 2023: Sel-in, the ultra-compact new-generation salt electrolyser by Poolstar, with an electronics unit integrated into the cell. This makes it even easier to install! Despite this, the electrolysis cell remains very compact to enable installation in the most limited spaces.  
RaeGuard™, the new heat Retention Cover from GeoBubble™
As a specialist in the manufacture of covers for swimming pools, Plastipack has therefore designed the RaeGuard™ cover with innovative and patented GeoBubble™ air cell technology.
The Zodiac® Z350 iQ Full Inverter heat pump
Zodiac® completes its offer with a new model of Full Inverter heat pump: the Z350 iQ. This heat pump is characterised by high-level performance and ultra-compact design. Capable of heating and cooling the water of private pools up to a water volume of 95 m3, it operates in exterior temperatures...
Dolphin’s exclusive electric cleaning robots by SCP Europe
Zenit pool cleaner robots are reliable, efficient, rapid and easy to use, and offer effortless ergonomic handling. They are available in various models, some of which can be programmed using the new IoT box. 
Premium counter swim unit suitable for saltwater from Speck
The premium counter swim unit BADU JET Turbo from SPECK combines innovative technology with elegant design in the well-proven BADU quality “Made in Germany”. It offers an endless swimming experience without turns and is now suitable for saltwater.  
Nephea Spa of CF Group, super-equipped Premium models
Created by CF Group 4 years ago to give its spa line a real identity, Nephea Spa proposes premium models that are particularly well equipped.
New wellness products by Superior Wellness on display at Spatex
Superior Wellness are excited to announce the launch of five brand new hot tubs from their Platinum Spas range. Two of them were unveiled at Spatex 2023 for the very first time. 
Metal Care of Everblue for sparkling heat pumps
With these brand new products,  Everblue rejuvenates heat pumps by deeply removing rust and traces of oxidation on stainless steel. Indeed, although the equipment may function perfectly well, the appearance of its housing suffers with time due to a slight oxidation, which can be more or less...
STEPIO Spa heat pump of Polytropic: economy, discretion and silence
Polytropic has the solution: optimised integration of its STEPIO heat pump in the steps leading to the spa. This patented and exclusive concept comprises a heat pump with expertise from the specialist in pool heating for more than 20 years.
Poolican takes charge of the entire pool
Presented at the Piscine Global Europe fair, the Poolican by Poolstar’s Poolex brand meets a growing need for more compact pool equipment due to lack of space and limited budgets. This user-friendly device combines 4 essential components to maintain healthy pools up to 25 m3.
Heat the spa efficiently at a lower cost with Bowman Heat exchangers
Bowman heat exchangers heat pools 3 times faster than other equipment, thanks to their high heat transfer efficiency. The manufacturer also offers a whole range of heat exchangers specially designed to be associated with renewable energy sources, such as with solar panels or heat pumps.
New Full Inverter Propane Heat Pump of Polytropic
Polytropic the specialist in heat pumps and pool dehumidifiers unveiled several product innovations this year at Piscine Global Europe. Among them the CARE290 heat pump.
The wireless Zodiac® Freerider™ pool robot
An innovation for greater freedom, the wireless Freerider™ pool robot is a concentrate of technology that operates in pools of all shapes and with all types of lining up to 12 x 6 m.