Products and equipment

Spaculture from USSPA, new functional cosmetics for bathing
A major manufacturer of spas in Europe, USSPA has developed the new brand Spaculture, dedicated to bathing rituals and water maintenance of swimming pools and spas. Based on the observation that users are the biggest contaminants present in bathing water and that the soaps used for the preliminary...
New reinforced 3D 160/100th membrane by delifol
delifol, a brand of the CG group, has launched a new range of reinforced 3D membranes: the delifol NGS Livingstone. It comes in 3 attractive modern colours: Livingstone Gold, Livingstone Onyx and Livingstone Silver. 
The new Emaux E-Turbo VS variable speed pump
Innovative, high performance, reliable, silent and connected: these are the main characteristics of the new Emaux E-Turbo pump, with variable speed.
Automate, adapt, save with e-Pool® Connect from Pool Technologie
The e-Pool® Connect and e-Pool® Connect VS kits make the technical room entirely connected. They consist of two modules. A connected clock installed directly in place of the filtration timer manages all pool equipment. This module controls filtration, water treatment and two auxiliaries (heat...
SPA SOLUTION, natural water treatment for spas
Marlig Industries Inc., specialized in leak repair since 1980 and exclusive distributor of FIX A LEAK, also offers SPA SOLUTION®, an all-natural, enzyme-based, non-toxic, non-allergenic spa water treatment product and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for people intolerant to chemicals,...
New cover with invisible bars from APF Pool Design
APF Pool Design presents the Progress, its new cover with invisible bars. This bar-supported cover discreetly hides its supporting bars, making them invisible for perfect pool aesthetics when covered. Compliant with the NF P 90-308 standard, this cover protects pool access, prevents debris from...
The swimming pool becomes a fitness center thanks to Binder
When the swimming pool is equipped with a turbine-powered counter-current system, like the BINDER systems, it is transformed into a true private oasis of fitness and well-being. 
High quality PVC films and sheets for swimming pool liners
For nearly 30 years, Rocheux International has been a leading supplier of PVC films and sheets to the swimming pool liner market. 
The Chill Tubs range from Superior Wellness to meet trend for ice baths
Last year, Superior Wellness added to their portfolio of wellness products and introduced Chill Tubs. Proving to be very popular globally, Chill Tubs have now expanded the range and includes now three models: the Lite, Original and Pro.
VISION Allegro: stylish design and energy efficiency
DURATECH a Belgian manufacturer of swimming pool components expands its range of LED lights. VISION Allegro emerges as the newest addition to the DURAVISION product range, boasting state-of-the-art LED technology. 
IntelliTemp heat pump: a unique, integrated variable flow technology
The IntelliTemp vertical heat pump adapts every 15 minutes to the flow rate of the filtration system. This therefore simplifies its use, but also its installation, thanks to its automatic flow adjustment valve, ultimately allowing better heating performance whatever the conditions.
AquaMove, the high-end movable pool floor by T&A group
T&A, the manufacturer of automatic pool covers, has recently acquired the Morgana Floor company, based in Vorselaar, Belgium. Managed by Johan Moortgat, this company has over 10 years of experience in movable pool floors, perfectly fitting into the T&A group. Now renamed AquaMove, the mobile floor...
Simplified and more easily accessible salt chlorination treatment thanks to PoolCop’s smart technology
PoolCop simplifies the water treatment of salt chlorination pools with new solutions that are both affordable and easy to install. PoolCop manufactures electrolysers that meet the different needs of professionals and pool owners. Thanks to these innovative pool management solutions, PoolCop has...
MX18 from Filtrinov, all-inclusive monobloc filtration ideal for renovation
Ideal for renovation to replace old, obsolete monobloc filtration systems, the MX18 outboard filter block is easy and quick to install on any type of structure, on swimming pools up to 8 x 4 m. 
New CF PRO cleaners’ range
CF, the new brand of CF Group’s ‘Experts in pool equipment’, has launched a new range of agile high-performance cleaning robots: the CF PRO range.