Products and equipment

The Vektro range of electric cleaners for swimming pools and spas
The Vektro electric cleaners range offers effective cleaning solutions for spas, small pools and swimming pools. The Vektro Pro is ideal for cleaning swimming pools and spas. The Vektro Mini effectively removes dirt from spas and small pools.
New powerful vertical heat pumps by Hayward
Hayward’s Expert Line grows with a new generation of Full Inverter vertical heat pumps. Among the most powerful on the market, the SumHeat Fi heat pump range is suitable for all installation configurations, both for new construction and renovation. 
The new line of water treatment products WPure
Having been sold by Warmpac for over 3 years, the BrightBlue range of solutions for swimming pools includes a new line of water treatment products in 2021: WPure. Like all Warmpac products, it enjoys the new recently unveiled graphic identity. This year, the BrightBlue range also benefits from...
The new Ambra pump 100% made in Italy
Designed by the in-house technical department, devised and manufactured by CPA srl, the new Ambra pump is a guarantee of reliability and efficiency. In addition to its excellent performance levels, this new pump features an attractive design, to ensure that even filtration systems have impeccable...
New spa designed for easier and quick in-ground installations
With more than 25 years of experience USSPA is one of the most recognised spa manufacturers in Europe. The company has developed the new spa LoungeIN, specifically designed for easier in-ground installations.
The next generation of black polycarbonate slats of T&A
This manufacturer and specialist in heating slats for pool covers is giving a sneak preview of its new fully black solar polycarbonate slat: Black Edition!
Garden PAC InverTech Full Inverter pool heat pump, an SCP exclusive product
The Garden PAC InverTech pool heat pump integrates Full-Inverter technology, 100% Inverter. It is an exclusive SCP product. It offers precise and smooth regulation, for optimised operation, and is ultra-quiet mainly operating at low rpm. Optimised COP, performance and resistance over time. 
Supreme Heat Pump: optimum performance of the Full DC Inverter technology
Among Cubic Electrical Appliance swimming pool heat pumps offer, the Supreme series integrates Full DC Inverter technology, powered with Inver-CORE technology. Made of high-quality components and materials, ultra-silent and efficient are its best attributes.
The range of Green Chemistry reagents for an eco-responsible swimming pool water analysis
Lovibond's “Green Chemistry” line of sustainable products is made without boric acid or ortho-Tolidine. It respects the environment and the health of users. These reagents are used with Lovibond pool water quality measurement devices for reliable analysis results.
Duravision LED : an LED lighting solution for all types of pools
House of DURATECH is a producer of sustainable LED lighting, with 18 years of experience in developing and manufacturing pool products in Belgium. They introduce the DURAVISION LED lights range. 
The filtering panel for swimming pools with high water levels
Swimming pools with high water levels are on a roll. They offer a most aesthetic body of water with their very smooth mirror effect flush with the coping and are becoming increasingly popular with customers. This up-and-coming trend has led Filtrinov to launch a new version of its successful GS14...
Treat and repair spa and pool leaks with Fix A Leak
Specialised in leak repair since 1980, Marlig Industries Inc. presents Fix A Leak, a highly concentrated leak sealer used for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. The product is used for plumbing and structural leaks in pools and is sold worldwide. 
Pool Tiger: an innovative process for the treatment of pool water
Pool Tiger is a safe and environmentally friendly pool water treatment device that provides a healthier and more comfortable swimming experience. Pool Tiger reduces the use of chlorine/bromine by up to 75% and helps to balance the pH of the pool water, while maintaining a low level of acidity.
A heat pump with improved performance: the Pentair Invertemp®-DB heat pump
Full Inverter technology enables the Pentair Invertemp®-DB heat pump to provide improved performance to warm or cool the pool. Regardless of the desired temperature, the heat pump automatically adapts to exterior conditions while optimising energy consumption.
The new SD 305 series for the professional experts in water analysis
The mobile hand-held measuring instruments of the SD 305 series from Lovibond® are ideal tools for the professional experts in water analysis, where conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH and redox potential are important parameters.