Until now, adjusting the heat pump by-pass had to be done manually, depending on external conditions. Pentair innovates today with integrated variable flow technology: no need to adjust the bypass!

A vertical heat pump that adapts to the flow rate of the filtration system

The IntelliTemp vertical heat pump adapts every 15 minutes to the flow rate of the filtration system. This therefore simplifies its use, but also its installation, thanks to its automatic flow adjustment valve, ultimately allowing better heating performance whatever the conditions.

IntelliTemp provides up to 20% energy savings thanks to this patented technology, always offering the best COP, in all circumstances. Full Inverter technology also contributes to these savings, whilst ensuring silent operation down to -15°C. The heat pump is available in 3 heating powers, for all swimming pools from 15 to 160 m3.

Modern, the IntelliTemp also offers a remote-control mode via WiFi or 4G connection (optional). As for its appearance, it is no less modern, with a plush and compact vertical design, allowing a small footprint, and careful finishes, to integrate it easily into its environment.