When the swimming pool is equipped with a turbine-powered counter-current system, like the BINDER systems, it is transformed into a true private oasis of fitness and well-being.

Ideal conditions for swimming training even in small pools

This system is characterized by a particularly powerful flow rate, while remaining constant. Its wide flow helps support the body during swimming, keeping it in balance, so that the swimmer only has to concentrate on swimming technique. The current, which is virtually impossible to cross, offers ideal conditions for endurance training without having to turn around, even in small pools. Turbine counter-current swimming installations are also aimed at aquatic fitness enthusiasts, for sporting or therapeutic practice, thanks to their individual regulation.

Hydrostar de Binder

Training in any pool with the Binder counter-current system

BINDER offers such counterflow systems, in a fixed version, with HydroStar, or for existing pools, with EasyStar. Both of these turbine systems are available in a wide range of performance levels. They can be controlled comfortably, via their remote control, or their piezoelectric button, or even on the BINDER24 mobile application.

Among their advantages, it should be noted that their installation is very quick and takes up little space. Additionally, they consume 50 to 80 percent less energy than traditional systems.