Products and equipment

Preserving the environment
AstralPool’s Viron line is characterised by its innovation and its respect for the environment. It features two new additions to the 2009 catalogue. First, a filter with a «CL» cartridge and a large filtration surface ( 38 to 56m²) that allows it to absorb flows as high as 48m².
Wood swimming pools
Introducing the special preview of Wood-line brand’s new line of Ocea’POOL wood swimming pools Desmet S.A. Designed to accommodate every budget, the 2009 collection brings technical (new material) and aesthetic improvements, as well as a new basin design, thus increasing model ion and quality.
Ecological water treatment
Eotec is a company which is willing to preserve the environment and has developed solutions to enjoy swimming pools water in serenity. By specializing in active oxygen water treatment it has set up its key product, namely Ecoswim, which offers by itself a complete swimming pool treatment.
Multimedia experience
The new LSX 1000 spa Master Spas is a model which can evolve as you wish into a sophisticated multimedia experience. Not only does it feature a built-in lounge, ideally suited for sunbathing or just relaxing, but it also comes with Microban® antimicrobial protection, LED lights, waterfalls and a...
Hybrid Hot Tub
Cal Spas’ Ultimate Fitness series spas merge the best of two worlds - marrying hydrotherapy massage relaxation with the health benefits of a range of aquatic exercises. Larger than a hot tub but smaller than a pool, swim spas are ideal for smaller spaces.
Hammam 6FL
The Tylö 6 FL hammam, constructed in thermoformed panels, is Nordique France’s best-selling hammam. It employs technology that allows for more economic performance and temperature increase than a traditional masonry hammam.
Thermal solar cover
Covrex Solar is a secure warming and insulative pool cover in solid strips of PVC foam covered with rigid PVC with a thermal insulation coefficient of 0.12 w (m.k). It works in conjunction with an integrated forced circulation solar panel system.
Attractive shelf space
Resellers will have the opportunity to brighten up their shelf space when they display the latest range of swimming pool cleaners Dirt Devil. This product range, sold by Impact, consists of different hydraulic vacuum cleaners, battery-powered vacuum cleaners and 100% autonomous robots.
Sun bath
The newest Sunrise spa American manufacturer PDC Spa is distributed by the Belgian company Aqua E. It has original features such as the reversible SunLounger™, a sundeck that cushions the body with a bed of moving water for sunbathing, in any type of weather.
Improving robot filtration
The company Impact will be presenting Robot Tab, a double-layered tablet weighing 30 g, which improves the filtration of robot cleaners (filter bags and cartridges).
TRi : a self-regulating electrolyser
Zodiac innovates by introducing a self-regulating salt electrolyser that combines 2 key functions: TRi works with only 4g of salt per litre and can be combined with the pH module or the Pro module which integrates the pH regulating and chlorine producing functions.
Spring opening and winter pills
Smartpool innovates with Springpill and Winterpill. Springpill is placed in the skimmer where its contents are dispensed into the pool water through the action of the pump. Springpill contains enzymes, clarifier, sequestering agents and makes spring openings faster and easier than ever.
The new PAR 56 COLOR TK PLUS® is the d version of the PAR 56 COLOR TK with several improvements : optics : the beam angle is wider – beam angle of 140° - and more functions are available : 9 fixed colours and 8 automatic colour games.
The new PAR 56 COLOR TK PLUS® is the d version of the PAR 56 COLOR TK
Communication center
The IntelliCommTM communication center Pentair Water provides automated control of the variable speed on the IntelliFloTM VS-3050 pump. By just connecting the input terminal connections to an automation system, a heater, a heat pump or any form of remote control.