Hammam 6FL - Tylö The Tylö 6 FL hammam, constructed in thermoformed panels, is Nordique France’s best-selling hammam. It employs technology that allows for more economic performance and temperature increase than a traditional masonry hammam.

The cabin can accommodate 4 people and is equipped with 2 lacquered aluminum benches. The ceiling’s curved lines prevent drops of condensation from annoying the users and contribute to the overall aesthetic by inspiring a feeling of space and well-being.

A 60 G smoked, toughened single-pane security glass door ensures that the hammam is completely waterproof, and the cabin exterior can be wood-panelled or tiled. As options, a shower wall with integrated massage nozzles or front window panes may be added.

This model may be configured in more than 40 different ways to accommodate up to 50 people.