Products and equipment
Pahlén launches Jet Swim Motion
Swedish pool equipment specialist Pahlén has launched Jet Swim Motion, a counter current unit providing a very natural swimming technique. The device is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L and has a completely new flow technique with two oval nozzles, of which the lower is directed...
New INVERTER PRO series heat pumps by Cubic
After the Ecostar Inverter, Cubic Electrical Appliance launches the new INVERTER PRO Series heat pump.This new high-tech full-inverter heat pump offers all the advantages the customers demand from this technology.
Aquajack 211 cleans spas and small, medium or large pools
The Aquajack 211 range of electric vacuums cleans spas and small, medium or large pools easily on all surfaces. Easy to handle, it has a removable head to clean the smallest corners of the pool. It can be used with its handle or on a telescopic pole, with an autonomy of one hour.
Elek Spa 50: to clean spas and small pools
The Ningbo Poolstar Company offers in its range of electric vacuum cleaners Aquajack cleaners the Elek Spa 50 for spas and small pools. It works with 8 AA batteries and makes it easy to clean small areas quickly, regardless of the coating. Very light and easy to handle, this vacuum cleaner also...
A comprehensive offer of spare cells for salt chlorinators
The galloping progress of the renovation market demands the revamping of pool equipment and consumables.  A boon for pool specialists who can diversify their offers and expect a significant additional turnover.  To this end, the KAWANA electrolysis cell manufacturer has been developing a wide...
AquaMatic high flow main drains and grilles for commercial swimming pools
The main drains for commercial swimming pools of the AquaMatic range from PROCOPI have just been enhanced with a new model, offering perfect integration into swimming pools with waterproof liners.  This main drain has a PVC flange onto which the installer directly solders the 150/100 liner.
Electric cleaner for spas and small pools
The Ningbo Poolstar Company offers in its range of electric vacuum cleaners the Aquajack 121. It is a very light and easy to handle cleaner for cleaning spas, small pools and filters. It is easy to set up and can be used with its handle or on a telescopic pole. With an autonomy of 45 minutes, it...
The DELTA pool shelters by ABRITECH, great value from PROCOPI
The Procopi - Abritech collaboration is based on common values, aimed to ensure optimal product quality. Made in France and backed by unique expertise and know-how, DELTA pool shelters combine high quality construction and aesthetics, to offer a product that adapts to all needs.
The Aquajack 301 cleaner for medium and large pools
In the Aquajack cleaners range of Ningbo Poolstar electric vacuums the Aquajack 301 is ideal for cleaning medium and large pools. Very powerful, it has a suction capacity of 90 l/min. with a battery life of 90 minutes. A recharge of 5 hours of its lithium battery is enough to reuse it.
Aqua Pal app to help operators record testing trends
A new app from Palintest is gaining increasing interest among customers at Golden Coast… and for good reason, too, as Surrey’s Specialist Pools Services (SPS) discovered. The company recently invested in a Palintest Pooltest 25 Bluetooth. The complete photometer, which is designed for pool...
Warm up the pool with Full-Inverter
SCP proposes the Garden PAC Invertech heat pump, integrating full-Inverter® technology (100% Inverter), that operates from -7° C.  A Mitsubishi DC Inverter dual-mechanism rotary compressor powers the pump, namely two rotors that run in unison to balance the engine torque and avoid any jolting....
Aesthetic finishes even to the tips of the pool ladder
To match all the finishing trims of swimming pool ladders, PROCOPI proposes ball joints and stopper pads in several colours, for its Trianon, Chambord, Versailles, Rambouillet and Chinon models. Available in trendy colours that harmonise with existing liners, these functional and aesthetic...
Soft Rain, the new hot tub cabinet by Aquavia Spa
It is one of the most outstanding aesthetic creations for 2018 in the Aquavia Spa catalogue. With Soft Rain, they wanted to create a completely natural appearance that blends in seamlessly with a garden environment, based on synthetic rattan, as used in a lot of outdoor furniture.
Stardeck cover available for high water level pools
In order to offer a solution adapted to the infinity pool skimmers of the AQUAREVA range, PROCOPI proposes a solution where one can adjust submerged covers to a water level of 5 cm. This method is based on specially designed anodized aluminium brackets fitted at 50 cm intervals across the width of...
Connected and ecological equipment for the pool
ZODIAC has been developing a number of connected and ecological products for the swimming pool market since several years. These connected devices can be controlled from the dedicated iAquaLinkTM application (on Android and iOS systems), and meet new needs that arise with home automation. Today's...