groupe rédactionnel de normalisation européenne « Produits chimiques utilisés dans le traitement des eaux de piscines »This year, the European standards drafting group for "Chemical products used to treat swimming pool water" met in Oslo (Norway) on Wednesday, May 23rd.


As chairman of this group, Dr. Xavier DAROK, Director of the Océdis laboratory, presented an update on the progress of on-going work. 


It indicates that a new standard is ready for publication, that five standards are to be assessed before publication, 8 standards are under assessment subsequent to their five-year review (CLP, Biocide, ADR), 4 standards are being prepared for their five-year review (PLC, Biocide, ADR) and 4 standards are in the drafting stage.



Xavier Darok

DR. Xavier DAROK

Thus, on May 24th, at the meeting of the European standards working group for "Water treatment" (TC164/WG9), Dr. Xavier DAROK presented the report of his drafting group to European experts and other Chairmen of drafting groups present.


The next meetings of the drafting group for "Chemical products used in water treatment for swimming pools" will be held on 23rd October, in Paris, and in May 2013 for the "Water treatment" working group (TC164/WG9).