For nearly 45 years Heatstar have been guiding their clients towards responsible energy solutions for swimming pools, setting the benchmark in an environmentally conscious industry.

Phoenix EC, a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system, for the effective dehumidification of indoor commercial and domestic pools

The Heatstar EC range of highly energy efficient environmental control systems outperforms alternative equipment by utilising different advanced technologies.

The Phoenix EC, a star of the Heatstar EC range, is the energy efficient a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system of exceptional quality, suitable for the effective dehumidification of indoor commercial and domestic swimming pools. It offers ultra-high heat recovery and heat efficiency. 

This hybrid setup focus on three main areas: the fans used in the units, optimising heat recovery and energy efficient dehumidification.

The Phoenix EC is distinguished by its use of energy-saving fans that are automatically adjusted to provide significant savings when dehumidification or heating demand is low. In addition, the unit is fitted with a cross-flow recuperator that optimises heat recovery. This passively transfers heat from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air. Lastly the Phoenix boasts energy efficient dehumidification. The Phoenix's dehumidification heat pump creates a cold evaporator coil to condense the moisture present in the air to reduce humidity levels. Through this process the heat pump absorbs both latent and sensible energy which is upgraded and recycled back into both the pool room air and pool water.  

At an ambient air temperature of 20°C the Phoenix EC can deliver an efficiency of over 140% and is able to offer the lowest operating cost of any such system.

Thanks to this hybrid configuration, the Phoenix EC offers high heat recovery and thermal efficiency.  This reduces fuel bills and ensures long-term efficiency. Heatstar continues to innovate to provide environmentally friendly energy solutions for the swimming pool sector.