The fruit of the innovation of T&A teams, the Quadro pool shutter slat combines 4 benefits: an anti-algae profile, inconspicuous condensation, optimised heating capacity and a built-in anti-UV layer. 

Pool covers with heating capacity and no visible condensation

The result is a high-quality slat that perfectly matches modern trends and meets market needs, enabling the reduction of pool water evaporation, longer preservation of water temperature, reduced shutter maintenance and a prolonged life cycle. 

Its major advantage is its SIF (Selective Infrared Filter) technology patented by T&A, i.e. a selective solar spectrum filter. This latter dissociates UV rays, visible and infra-red light, thus optimising the absorption of solar energy in the infra-red zone, giving the slat above-average heating power while masking the usual unpleasant condensation over the entire shutter. 

Moreover, the anti-algae film on the slat connecting chambers makes it opaque, thus preventing the proliferation of algae, and the anti-UV layer slows ageing.

The Quadro slat comes in Black, Titanium and Gold and is covered by a 3-year warranty.  

lame Quadro T&A

The Quadro slat is made up of a composite of 4 assembled materials (quadri-extrusion), each having their role: 

  • 1) The top layer is fully anti-UV: it extends the lifespan of the slat and preserves its aesthetic qualities;
  • 2) The 2nd layer with heating effect is equipped with the SIF technology filter, ensuring its heating role. It is also equipped with an opaque black anti-condensation mask, making condensation invisible, for a perfect aesthetic of the cover.
  • 3) The connecting chamber between the slats is covered with an opaque anti-algae coating (in the joint), preventing their proliferation. 
  • 4) Finally, the heating layer of the slat is in contact with the water to heat it (optimized on the Black model). 

Quadro is available in Black, Titanium and Gold colours and is covered by a 5-year warranty.

The Quadro pool shutter from T&A